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In a surprise media conference, Julie Friesen has announced that she will be running  in the federal election for the Liberal party in opposition to Norm Boucher, who has also announced he will be running in the federal election for the Liberal party. This is after Julie made the comment yesterday, stating “Citizens of Medicine Hat should be very, very disappointed in (Mayor Boucher)”. There has been some bad blood between the two since the last civic Mayoral election, where Julie was out-voted to Norm by a couple percent. She stated today that, “Second time’s a charm” and that “Here’s my second chance”. There have been some comments floating around how Julie would be a good candidate for the Mayor position in Norm’s absence; however, this can no longer be the case.

It’s getting close to the vote date… very close in fact. October 18th will be the day where our new (or new-old) mayor of Medicine Hat will be decided. Along side the mayor, a number of aldermen will also be decided. There’s been a lot of controversy this time around, with a certain “email” being passed around, the issues at hand, political stunts… and now comes this. It’s all good though, because this was the first election I’ve ever cared about, coming from a 24 year old. With all this weight looming down on the city-folk and candidates alike, it’s time for some local election entertainment. Introducing the “Medicine Hat Election” website:

Medicine Hat Funny Election Posters



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