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Almost a year ago to the day we had posted on Little Caesars opening up in Crescent Heights. I heard many people complain about this because Crescent Heights is so far away from everything despite it takes around 15 minutes maximum to drive across town. So, much to everyones delight, Little Caesars now has a location on Dunmore Road.

The new Little Caesars is located at 3074 Dumore Road, in the same parking lot as The Scoreboard and the old Mary Brown’s. I wonder if there will be some Dunmore Little Caesars/Pizza 73 wars to come soon.

Check it out for affordable and good Pizza!

Our post on Little Caesars in Crescent Heights

Little Caesars is a small pizza shop located in Crescent Heights, along Northland Way, near the Co-op grocery store.

Little Caesars - Pizza Pizza!

Little Caesars - Pizza Pizza!

The pizza outpost opened up at the beginning of the summer in 2009, and pretty quick afterward, Taylor said we had to go there, so we did. The pizza was much the same as you would expect from Pizza Hut or Pizza 73, with the exception that Little Caesars pizza is prepared beforehand and placed into ovens to keep them warm until being purchased, which is the same with their side dishes as well.

The downside to pre-preparing is that the pizza might be sitting there for a while before you stroll along, or they might not have pre-prepared the type of pizza you wanted before you got there. The upside is that you can walk in and within a couple minutes, walk out with hot pizza and side dishes in hand.

Downsides apart, the pizza and (semi-oily) bread sticks that Taylor and I purchased were good. A word of warning; however, is to not eat in your car and balance the bread stick sauce container on your knee and try to dance, because you will have a bad time cleaning the mess out of your console, or wherever it lands.

Little Caesars is located at #109, 20 Northland Way Ne in Crescent Heights.



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