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A couple of days ago as I was on my merry way home to my farm roughly thirty miles outside of The Hat, listening to some tunes, enjoying the scenery when I noticed an obnoxious blemish. Someone had driven ten miles out of the city to abandon their dumpy couch. I have to wonder what this individual was thinking when they decided to spread their refuse across an otherwise beautiful piece of scenery. Perhaps they thought magical garbage fairies periodically clean the sides of highways, or maybe they just don’t really care that the side of that road is pretty much the equivalent of a few dozen people’s backyard. The furnace at my house is about to crap out, I might consider loading it into the back of a truck and dropping it off in Kin Coulee when its life is finally over, that makes about as much sense as abandoning it on the side of the highway.

This seems to be becoming a fairly regular occurrence as washers, dryers, Realtor signs and the like seem to find their way into the ditches of rambling country roads. It almost seems illogical to me. These items can hardly be loaded into a fuel-efficient Honda Civic, therefore these litterers are spending more than a pretty penny driving their large vehicles this far out of the city to dodge the $5 charge at the city dump. Although I am by no means an Al Gore-style environment enthusiast I would like to encourage people to use the city landfill so we can at least let our disgusting garbage congregate in a place where it isn’t such a nuisance to rural inhabitants, perhaps we’ll even save a few dollars in gas money while we’re at it.

The Medicine Hat Municipal Landfill is open Monday to Friday 8-6 and Saturday and Sunday 8-5 right through to the 31st of October and with a very low standard $5 charge with some additional charges depending on what is being dumped let’s do our best to use it!



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