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There is a huge sale currently taking place at Sports Connection Source for Sports on Kingsway Avenue.

The sale started on November27th, but continues until all products are sold. They have Goalie Sticks, Bags, Pants, Helmets, Skates, hundreds of hockey products that are priced to sell! This is the first time ever they’ve had a sale of this magnitude, so be sure to to check it out.

Click here for the digital flyer

Kingsway Avenue and South Railway Street are two of the key streets in Medicine Hat, the former of which connects Dunmore Road to the latter, and leads to Downtown Medicine Hat. Many businesses of all types can be located along the way, many of which are staples in not only the Medicine Hat community, but Alberta as a whole.

While traveling down Kingsway Ave, some businesses that can be found are:

The Intersection after Pizza 73 marks the end of Kingsway Ave, and begins South Railway Street. Some businesses that can be found are:



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