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The Chinese buffet-style restaurant, New Imperial Palace Restaurant has closed… er, rather, it’s been closed, forcefully. That was on May 13th. A day later, it was re-opened. This was all due to a Alberta Health Services inspection whereby 36 separate points against its facilities were raised on an inspection on May 12th. It was a pretty grim list of gross things going on as shown in the Executive Officer’s Order PDF. After you read through it, I would also like to mention that ALL of the problems have been resolved as shown in the re-inspection on May 14th.

To me, it seems like that was a lot of stuff to solve in just a single day? However, I trust the re-inspection fully and would feel safe to eat there again… that is, if I wanted to. I’ve been there about three times and while it was “decent”, it has nothing on Medicine Hat Buffet especially if you are looking for that type of thing. To most people, after reading this, they will be spoiled on the idea of the restaurant forever, which sealed the fate for a similarly closed restaurant, Menggu Grill which faced a similar inspection closing and re-opening.

New Imperial Palace Restaurant’s full history of inspections



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