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A bold title, but what other conclusions would someone jump to while reading a news article about a dozen businesses opposing the idea of a homeless shelter on South Railway Street?

Despite the shelter planning to operate between 8PM and 8AM, some parents are concerned for the safety of their children. What is a homeless person going to do? Kidnap your children and sell them back to you for a ham sandwich? If nothing else, these potentially dangerous people would be kept off the street, and away from children. If I was homeless, I would hope I was in a city that cared enough to put up a homeless shelter for the frigid winters. However, it seems most people are so blinded by the belief that homeless people are inherently evil that I would not invest much hope in a shelter.

It seems to me that the band NOFX has written a song about the shameful attitude of many Hatters toward homelessness:

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If you missed what this was all about, a small group of people took to the streets for 48 hours to raise awareness for homelessness in Medicine Hat. The event, aptly named, “Hatters Without Homes”  took place on the weekend with around 25 participants. The participants used shelters and food services as provided by the city which has come with a lot of criticism including a couple comments a long the lines of, “They were out their wasting all the much needed food and resources.”; however, it’s been cleared up that they re-supplied all that they took as well raised money for charity while they were out there.

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