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Flogging Molly is heading back to Calgary this year for what would promise to be an amazing show.

Flogging Molly - Float

Flogging Molly - Float

The band is a seven piece Celtic Punk Rock band in nature, utilizing a myriad of instruments, including: Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo, spoons, fiddles, tin whistles, uillean pipes, accordions, mandolins, drums, and a few other unique instruments that are rare to see in rock bands. Their lyrical content varies greatly, going between songs about pirates, death family, love, history, the government, and other punk rock-related subjects. Lead singer/songwriter Dave King uses his Irish background to bring out interesting ways (dialect and accent) of saying what he wants to say.

A few of us went to the show last year and it was probably the funnest show I had ever been to, I do not think I ever stopped doing the awkward shuffle arm-swinging type dance that I do, much to Vaughn’s ridicule. Every now and then during their show, Dave King took off his blazer and proceeded to do spin entertaining Irish jig. Most people physically slow down, but not him. It is clear that the band has as much fun as the crowd while they perform.

If you want to go to a show that is devoid of any specific thematic of lyrical content and has people in the crowd from every genre in attendance, go check them out.

To see the Flogging Molly story from last year, check out:

Imagery from Front Row Flags.

Flogging Molly arrived, Dave King’s unmistakable Irish voice filled the venue and the crowd was on its toes.

Paddy’s Lament came from the stage, a song from Flogging Molly’s new album – ‘Float’ and the crowd dived in and immersed themselves in the Irish punk rock. The 7-piece band busted out about 25 songs from their just over a decade long repertoire including older favourites: Salty Dog, Drunken Lullabies, Seven Deadly Sins, and many songs from their new album including Requiem For A Dying Song, Float, Lightning Storm, and others. Flogging Molly proved there is no rival, accompanied by Dave King putting down his guitar and dancing around on stage and his newly wedded bride and fellow band member, Bridget Regan, sawing on her violin. The rest of the band performed a myriad of banjo solos, accordion solos, mandolin solos and many other seemingly obscure instruments that ten years ago, would have been unfamiliar to the punk going community, but now are beloved by them.

The crowd managed to pull Flogging Molly back out for an encore which they were more than thrilled to perform and after an hour and a half, the show had came to an end, leaving the crowd well pleased and cheering.



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