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ElectroGlide Logo

ElectroGlide Logo

ElectroGlide is the only custom amplifier business in the city, making it a great business to feature here. Bill Gill, a local resident and no stranger to the local music scene started the business a couple years ago; however he’s been working with amps and electronics for 15 years. Recently, as far back as four years ago, he has been making and building custom amplifiers for a number of local and national musicians. He also does re-wiring, customization and other repair as well to existing amps, making him one of the few people (or only?) in town where you can get your amps repaired or modified.

Blurb from the website:

Peerless tone and reliability are paramount for me along with the right fit for an artist’s style. And like those artists, all of my amplifiers while similar, are not identical and each is an individual in its own right. So whether you’re like the semi-pro, pro and Juno award-winning artists who use and enjoy my products, or just a keen amateur player who values his own voice, I’m sure I can find a “fit” for you.

The website features tons of photos of his custom creations, live performances and recordings of many of the amps and contact information.

ElectroGlide Website

Fresh Flowers & Gifts

Fresh Flowers & Gifts

I don’t really seem like the type to be posting about flowers, and truthfully I really am not the type but I’m doing it anyways because every experience I’ve had with Fresh Flowers has been great. I actually haven’t even bought any flowers from them, but I have stopped in several times for plants and gifts. They always have an ever changing selection of unique and fun house plants which me and my girlfriend like to have around the house. They also have a really good selection of vases, containers, potters, stones, soil – everything you need essentially. In the flower department they have a great selection of exotic things to gander at as well, including flowers that get shipped from Africa to Calgary to Medicine Hat in a day. Grocery store flower shops have nothing on this place.

The staff is really friendly and always extremely accommodating to any question that you may have about flowers, plants or gifts. Our next purchase is definitely going to be “the oldest known plant”, the Cycad which they currently have a selection of right now. You can even get a free vase with your arrangement when you call or email in and say that you saw them on-line (meaning their website). I think it’s a great local shop not to mention their store is really well designed including their business cards and booklets.

Fresh Flowers
62A – 3rd St. N.E
Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
T1A 5L8



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