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Yesterday the majority of the Medicine Hat Media crew decided to try something different for our semi-weekly dinner out. We wanted to get away from the chain restaurants and the local restaurants that we return to so often and try something new. Enter El Taco Loco: a downtown delight located on 3rd Street next to Tim Hortons. El Taco Loco is about as close to genuine Mexican food you can get to in Medicine Hat, and is it ever delicious!

The menu at El Taco Loco offers breakfast and regular menus and ranges between about $5 and $12 in price. For less than what a fast food meal would cost, you can get the regular taco meal, which comes with beef or chicken and vegetables that you wrap up in tortillas. For a bit more, you can get the El Taco Loco, their signature dish, which comes with much more than the regular meal and a side dish.

Spice is a big thing at El Taco Loco. With ordering a meal, you basically choose between hot or not. If you order hot, there is a wide array of popular soft drinks to douse the flames in your mouth. Desserts are also available and the Baklava in particular is almost to die for.

More than just a restaurant, El Taco Loco also servers as an international food store of sorts. You can pick up some items that would might otherwise be hard to find, ranging from sauces and noodles to candy.

If you are looking for something new, local, affordable and delicious, check out El Taco Loco, located down 3rd Street next to Tim Hortons.



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