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Today we have something a little different for you. This story was submitted by David Walks-as-Bear, Author of Shamus Ghillie U.S. Secret Service In Medicine Hat.

Yes, indeed, the Crow Moon. For the Shawnee, this time arrives when the cawing of crows signals the beginning of the end of papoonwi (winter). And, indeed, early March is the time of ‘wakening’… when the Earth Mother first begins to stir, eh. Like a slowly waking beautiful woman, she gradually rouses; the days begin to warm, and the ground begins to thaw. Um-hmm, and like the lovely languid sleeper, she murmurs in the coo of budded awakening, too. Yep, but as any guy knows… who’s ever gotten too close to one who is first arousing… appearances can be deceiving. Get too beguiled and that sweet and gentle subtleness may just get’chu a pillow or… a huge wad of snow… whipped smack-dab… into your goofily naive face.

You know, some of the more northern Indians know this time of the year as the Crust Moon. That’s because it’s the time when the snow cover becomes crystallized and is thus ‘crusted’ from thawing by day and freezing by night. Sure, and to some of the early white Catholic settlers, it was known as the Lenten Moon. That’s because it arrived with the Catholic observance of Lent. But, for the Shawnee, this has always been the time of the Crow Moon.

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Book Cover

Shamus Ghillie U.S. Secret Service In Medicine Hat Book Cover

I would like to bring to your attention, a recently released novel by Native American author David Walks-As-Bear relating to Medicine Hat:

Overview: ( Historical Fiction )
Shamus Ghillie is a half-Choctaw-half-Irish elite ex-Confederate soldier who is, also, a man of the wild and untamed West. But, he’s also a man of rare and unusual skills as a hunter of both animals and men. It is Ghillie, with his unique talents, that President Grant wants to secretly enlist to handle the trouble along the boundary of the newly formed nation of Canada, just north of the Montana Territory. But, men like Ghillie don’t come easily, and, if they come at all, they don’t come cheap.

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