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The Tourism Branding survey was released yesterday on It is the third step in our public engagement process (following the Executive Interviews and Question of the Week). The survey will be posted for the next 2 – 3 weeks. It takes about 10 minutes to complete.

The survey has taken elements from the previous two steps (primarily the Question of the Week) as certain themes emerged. The outcome of the survey is going to be a much more defined focus for our tourism industry and so we need as much public participation as possible over the next few weeks. People have been really engaged so far and this is really when we need their input the most.

A focused approach to Tourism will lead to a stronger Tourism Industry from an economic perspective. Tourism stakeholders have long maintained that this industry hasn’t yet realized its potential, which is what this tourism brand is seeking to help with.

To sweeten the deal for respondents, there are a number of prizes which respondents can choose to enter a draw for.

  • Medalta, in the Historic Clay District: Tea Pot, Sugar & Creamer set (approx. retail value – $80)
  • Cypress Hills: Wildlife & Park Bus Tour from Medicine Hat (20 people max). Blackout Period: July – August, Public Holidays. Includes Red Rock Coulee, Branchville Road, Eagle Butte & Elkwater (approx. retail value – $1,000)
  • Track Side Liquor Store: Two bottles wine (approx. retail value – $40)
  • Tourism Medicine Hat: Gift Basket (approx. retail value – $80)
  • Paradise Valley: 10 Golf Passes (5 x 2 packs)
  • Elkwater Lake Lodge & Resort: One (1) night accommodation in a Lodge Room. Blackout periods apply (approx. retail value – $115)

As always,  any questions can be directed to me (Quentin Randall) as the manager of this project.
twitter: @q_randall
phone: 403.529.1070

Thank you – this has been an excellent process and if we can finish strong, I’m feeling good about the final result.

The Gas City? - Original Photo by Mitch Woods via Flickr

The Gas City? - Original Photo by Mitch Woods via Flickr

To those of you who haven’t been following this, several weeks ago, Mayor Norm Boucher told the Medicine Hat News’ Amanda Stephenson that he was thinking of trying to re-brand Medicine Hat; he described that the current slogan and marketing might not be giving us much credit in terms of recognition. He also brings up the point about how Medicine Hat is ranked 82nd out of 157 best places to live in Canada which he postulates might be a matter of “how we sell ourselves”.

There’s been a huge uproar over this in both the comments section and in the Ticked Off & Tickled Pink sections on the Medicine Hat News. The majority of which are personal assaults against Norm Boucher – real mature, guys/gals.

Released today in a Medicine Hat News story by Amanda Stephenson, the slogan will officially stay “The Gas City” after the much criticism against the change. The votes against the change was unanimous by the Medicine Hat Aldermen who meet last night to settle the fate of the slogan.

While I understand the heritage and long standing culture behind the slogan, does it really represent what Medicine Hat is now or where it is going in the future? If we are keeping it for the sake of tradition then what’s the point of a slogan that doesn’t describe the place that you live accurately. I originally moved here from Regina, “The Queen City” and even though I am attached to the slogan and heritage behind it, It doesn’t represent it anymore – its slogan, like Medicine Hat’s becomes functionless nostalgia. I’m a little bit torn on the whole thing.

Rebranding the Gas City – Medicine Hat News
Gas City slogan to stay – Medicine Hat News
Mitch Woods’s Photostream @ Flickr



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