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Perkins Restaurant & Bakery is located at 2301 Trans Canada Way in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

The staff overall is attentive, greeting customers almost immediately as they walk in the door and seem ready to sit down. Drinks are brought out promptly, and usually refilled regularly. Food is prepared excellently every time I have been there and cautionary warnings given by the servers when something is quite hot to the touch. Followups by the servers are given often, asking how the food is and offerings of dessert are a norm when the meal is finished.

Medicine Hat Perkins facade. Image courtesy of Gobraemar.

Medicine Hat Perkins facade. Image courtesy of Gobraemar.

The restaurant boasts a large selection of menu items, along with the ability to pick and choose certain items for customers to choose selectively or add to other meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner specials are also offered for discounted prices if ordered within specific time frames. All kids meals are served with a free drink and free cookie, while seniors (55+ in age) are offered discounted prices for their meals.

Despite being primarily targetted towards family and older crowds, it is overall a nice quiet place to dine in for anyone.



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