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In a surprise media conference, Julie Friesen has announced that she will be running  in the federal election for the Liberal party in opposition to Norm Boucher, who has also announced he will be running in the federal election for the Liberal party. This is after Julie made the comment yesterday, stating “Citizens of Medicine Hat should be very, very disappointed in (Mayor Boucher)”. There has been some bad blood between the two since the last civic Mayoral election, where Julie was out-voted to Norm by a couple percent. She stated today that, “Second time’s a charm” and that “Here’s my second chance”. There have been some comments floating around how Julie would be a good candidate for the Mayor position in Norm’s absence; however, this can no longer be the case.

Greater Thoughts

Future house... I mean future, business office for Medicine Hat Media.


We are very proud to introduce our new structure here at Medicine Hat Media. A paid subscription to view our blog and posts!

We haven’t decided on a final figure right now, but we are thinking about a price of $19.99 per month would be sufficient for the quality posts we present to you on a very consistent basis (really, there’s a very strict release structure here – but it’s so complex you might not be able to grasp it). In the past, our posts have always been error-proof, have impeccable grammar/spelling and are always non-bias. This is why we think we should charge for them. Admit it, you readers have been pretty greedy getting all this content for free over the past couple years, no?

With your money, we are poised to do numerous great things for the site. I for one, am going to go back to school to take journalism instead of graphic or web design – who needs design anyways? Anyways, I’ve prepared a short video for you about some other plans I have when we get your money: THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »



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