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It’s getting close to the vote date… very close in fact. October 18th will be the day where our new (or new-old) mayor of Medicine Hat will be decided. Along side the mayor, a number of aldermen will also be decided. There’s been a lot of controversy this time around, with a certain “email” being passed around, the issues at hand, political stunts… and now comes this. It’s all good though, because this was the first election I’ve ever cared about, coming from a 24 year old. With all this weight looming down on the city-folk and candidates alike, it’s time for some local election entertainment. Introducing the “Medicine Hat Election” website:

Medicine Hat Funny Election Posters

There are a few recognizable names on the Medicine Hat Election 2010 going on on Monday, October 18, 2010.

Three candidates have put their names down for  Mayor:

Norm Boucher (incumbent),  Scott Cowan, and Julie Friesen

Meanwhile 12 candidates are vying for 8 aldermen seats in this year’s election:

Les Pearson, Jeremy Thompson (incumbent), Wayne Ziegler, Brian Varga, Phil Turnbull, Robert Dumanowski (incumbent), John Hamill (incumbent), Graham Kelly (Incumbent), Pat Kraus, George Webb, Wayne Craven, and Ted Clugston (incumbent)

For the Public School Board Trustees:

Terry Riely (incumbent), Dr. Ray Wilson (incumbent), Renae Kumm, Debra Forbes (incumbent), Greg Bender (incumbent), Mike Beaton, Rick Massini, and Lilas Litowsky

For the Medicine Hat Catholic School Board Trustees:

Dick Mastel , Jodi Churla (incumbent), Dianne Durda, Peter Grad (incumbent), Stan Aberle (incumbent), Gina Durst

Also, Kelly Van Ham has been acclaimed for the Bow Island Catholic School Board Trustee, due the fact he was the only nomination.

All of the polling information and candidates information is available on the city’s website.

For more information on the elections, view our Medicine Hat Municipal Election 2010 post by Mike.

The Gas City? - Original Photo by Mitch Woods via Flickr

The Gas City? - Original Photo by Mitch Woods via Flickr

To those of you who haven’t been following this, several weeks ago, Mayor Norm Boucher told the Medicine Hat News’ Amanda Stephenson that he was thinking of trying to re-brand Medicine Hat; he described that the current slogan and marketing might not be giving us much credit in terms of recognition. He also brings up the point about how Medicine Hat is ranked 82nd out of 157 best places to live in Canada which he postulates might be a matter of “how we sell ourselves”.

There’s been a huge uproar over this in both the comments section and in the Ticked Off & Tickled Pink sections on the Medicine Hat News. The majority of which are personal assaults against Norm Boucher – real mature, guys/gals.

Released today in a Medicine Hat News story by Amanda Stephenson, the slogan will officially stay “The Gas City” after the much criticism against the change. The votes against the change was unanimous by the Medicine Hat Aldermen who meet last night to settle the fate of the slogan.

While I understand the heritage and long standing culture behind the slogan, does it really represent what Medicine Hat is now or where it is going in the future? If we are keeping it for the sake of tradition then what’s the point of a slogan that doesn’t describe the place that you live accurately. I originally moved here from Regina, “The Queen City” and even though I am attached to the slogan and heritage behind it, It doesn’t represent it anymore – its slogan, like Medicine Hat’s becomes functionless nostalgia. I’m a little bit torn on the whole thing.

Rebranding the Gas City – Medicine Hat News
Gas City slogan to stay – Medicine Hat News
Mitch Woods’s Photostream @ Flickr



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