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Wheels Review

Dan VS. Justin

Wheels Review is a new website and viral marketing project hosted by Murray Chevrolet Cadillac in Medicine Hat, that puts two employees in a head-to-head match over which vehicle gets the best bang for your buck.

This month features Dan and Justin who each pick a new vehicle, go through the points on why their vehicle is better than the other, and leave it to the viewers to vote on their favourite.

Along with voting, you can Like Wheels Review on Facebook to be automatically entered to win prizes. The first prize up is a vehicle detailing kit which includes a full outside wash, interior rug and seat shampooing, wipe down of the vehicle interior and inside/outside window cleaning, which is valued at $180. All you have to do is Like them on Facebook, Vote, and you are entered to win!

Check out Wheels Review at

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Have you ever wanted to get involved in the community, tell a story, or advertise an event or a band? Well, we are always looking for more content to publish on Medicine Hat Media, and that includes anything you might have to offer!

If you are reading this, then you have probably read a few Medicine Hat Media articles and know what we are all about, but in taking a look behind the scenes, you can quickly come to realize that Medicine Hat Media is a fantastic resource for public awareness and promotion, and best of all, it is completely FREE.


  • We are currently partnered with 21 other Medicine Hat-based websites, including the City of Medicine Hat website itself.
  • We currently receive about 4000 unique viewers per month, which equates to about 6,000 page views per month.
  • We have many regular contributors who have wrote 731 posts in total, which have received a total of 1,371 comments.
  • Aside from Google and directly going to, most of our users come from following us on Twitter, which automatically updates with every new post we do. Our twitter currently has 1,178 followers. Our Facebook group currently has 83 members.

From these 4 facts, it is evident that Medicine Hat Media is the mecca of Medicine Hat-based advertising.

What you can achieve:

By writing and advertising on Medicine Hat Media, you can can achieve a more public awareness – completely free of charge – for any events you may be hosting or advertising, including bands, trade shows, art shows, new restaurants, and the list goes on…

The events that are advertised do not necessarily have to be in Medicine Hat. If there is a big event going on anywhere in southeastern Alberta, we love to create awareness of it.

What we will do for you:

If you are interested in becoming a writer for Medicine Hat Media, all you need to do is email us at and let us know that you want to get involved. We will then set you up with an account, and if need be, assist you with logging into the website and navigating through the back end to post your stories. Normally, if you are tech-savvy enough, you can do this all by yourself with no need for our approval before registering and logging into the back-end, both of which can be done here. Alternatively, you may submit content using our online submission form.

If you plan to be a regular contributor, you can also submit a biography and/or photo for yourself and we will add it to the About page.

Things to note:

Medicine Hat Media tries to maintain a level of professionalism in its articles. This is achieved by writing our articles with completely original content and attempting to maintain proper spelling and grammar. If we receive an article that needs editing, we will generally clean it up before posting.


Advertising can be expensive, but with an ever-growing number of readers, your articles are guaranteed to be read by members of the Medicine Hat community, and best of all, it is completely free!

Contact us at with any questions or concerns.

I was reading the Medicine Hat News on Tuesday when I stumbled upon my favourite section, Ticked Off & Tickled Pink and read this comment:

Ticked Off
I’m ticked off at the placement of the pap test ads. First they were next to a headline talking about student accomplishments, then beside a muffin. Appetizing. Now they’re a Canada Day treat. What a fantastic way to celebrate Canada Day.

I more or less read the paper everyday, but mostly just the headlines so I didn’t see what he or she was talking about days earlier. I flip the page back over, and see the following:

Unfortunate Ad Placement

Talk about unforunate ad placement, it’s even worse than the location he or she described, especially since the arrow in the ad points to “Salmon”. I know most of this stuff is fairly automated or at least not a conscious decision by the layout person, but, sheesh…



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