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The trial for Jeremy Steinke has lasted almost a full 3 weeks, two of which were spent looking at forensic data. The result in the end, after many witnesses and testimonies, the jury has made its deliberation that Jeremy Steinke is guilty on three counts of murder in the first degree.

During the court proceedings, Steinke took the position that he was indeed guilty for the murder of Marc and Debra Richardson, but that the murder of their son, Jacob Richardson, was committed by his co-accused girlfriend. The event was stated that Steinke snuck into the Richardson’s basement to meet his girlfriend there, but instead, Debra Richardson came downstairs. Panicking, Steinke stabbed the woman and soon after, Marc Richardson flew down the stairs with a screwdriver in hand to defend himself and his wife, but was soon stabbed as well.

Steinke claims he did not intend for the murders to happen, despite discussing it with his co-accused girlfriend prior, and that it was all an unfortunate accident. Afterwards, he stated that he was lead upstairs to Jacob Richardson’s room where his girlfriend stabbed the youngster, and while she initially stated that Steinke slashed the boys throat, Steinke during his trial stated that his girlfriend had dealt the death blow.

The trial involved many friends and associates of Steinke and J. Richardson, whom explained their perceptions on how the two lived, their actions before the night of the murders and afterwards, Steinke’s physical abuse as a child and his Mother’s alcoholism, and more.

More on the Richardson Family Murders can be found in these two previous posts:

The Big "D" Poster

The Big "D" Poster

The Big “D” will be performed on December 4, 5 & 6 at the Medicine Hat College Theatre. The tickets cost $10 (as a donation) and are available right now at the college, but you can also get them at the door. The doors open at 7:30PM each night and the show starts at 8:00PM.

So what is “The Big D”? The Big D is a play/performance about being deaf or Deaf, or more specifically about people who are Deaf and what they go through being “big D’s”. The purpose of the performance is to give viewers a glimpse of the world in which Deaf people live. Notice my use of lower and uppercase deaf and Deaf, well, according to Deaf culture there is a difference between the two. Being deaf means you might be hearing impaired and may use a hearing aid or implant; however being Deaf means you are clinically or legally deaf.


Deborah-Lee Balmer – Stage Manager, Actor – Garage Player
Dara Sutton – Actor – Garage Player
MacKenzie Porter – Actor, Singer – Garage Player
Mike McCoughlan
Kayla McLeod – Actor – Garage Player
Blair Lukacs – Actor – Garage Player
Hannah Amelia Rud – Actor – Garage Player
Sybil Eaglerib – Garage Player
Brandon Dorring
Patricia Spicer – Actor – Garage Player
Joanie Russel
James McCormick – Actor – Garage Player
Dr. Leslie Baldwin – Interpreter

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On Friday, December 5, 2008, Medalta’s Squared Gallery will be hosting the Four 9t (490) & Video Night art opening. 490 (or Four 9t as it’s referred to in the poster) is the Directed Study class while the videos are presented by the Video class within the Visual Communications program at the Medicine Hat College. The 490 portion of the show will be opened for the public until January 10, 2009.

Four 9t Show & Video Night Poster

Four 9t Show & Video Night Poster

Come down for free wines and foods and see some student made videos and artwork. Showtime starts at 8PM at the Medalta Squared Gallery. Artwork displayed will include video, print material, photography, performance art, and more!

Medalta Historic Clay District is located at 713 Medalta Ave SE. The Squared Gallery itself is located inside the building (go left once you enter the building).

On next Tuesday and Wednesday, the Canadian Blood Services will be having a blood donation clinic. You may either call 1-888-2DONATE to make an appointment or walk-in without one. The clinic is located at the Medicine Hat Lodge & Convention Centre. The exact dates and times are:

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

11:30AM – 1:30PM & 3:00PM – 6:00PM

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

8:30AM – 10:00AM & 11:30AM – 3:00PM

Canadian Blood Services

Canadian Blood Services

I know it might be weird posting things like this (kind of like the Kinsmen Auction previously), but I think whenever there is chariable or public service event going on, people should know about it. I believe this is a good service on behalf of Medicine Hat Media as well, so these types of businesses/companies don’t have to waste as many advertising dollars trying to get the word out. Or maybe it’s not weird at all?

Canadian Blood Services

Last night, at midnight, the Medicine Hat Kinsmen Auction (Kinsmen Club of Medicine Hat) opened bidding on their online auction site. Already it has picked up some steam with many registered members and tons of active bids. This year there is a huge selection of items ranging anywhere from home hardware, automotive, and even technology. To give you an example of some of the generous donations this year, 4 separate pool tables were donated to the cause each retailing from $3500 to $6000!

Kinsmen Auction Header

Kinsmen Auction Header

The donations are all made by local businesses and stores all over Medicine Hat – places like Ideal Jewelery, Jackson Dodge, Moxie’s, Cactus RV, Sterling Trailers, Ultimate Spas, Ralph’s Texas Bar & Steakhouse and that’s just to name a very random few.  Other items include digital cameras, a XBOX 360, tons of gift cards and gift baskets, free rooms at lodges/hotels, watches, collectibles, and tons more. Maybe it’s just best if you check it out for yourself…

Medicine Hat Kinsmen Auction

The auction will officially close at various times from 8:00PM to 8:30PM on Sunday, December 7th.

From their website:

“The Kinsmen Club is an all-Canadian service organization made up of active community volunteers. Working together, we enhance the quality of life in the community by promoting service, fellowship, positive values and national pride.”

Kinsmen Club of Medicine Hat

*UPDATE* View the 2009 Moonlight Madness article

The sister event of the “Downtown Midnight Madness” is starting tonight at 6PM and lasting until 11PM (moonlight). Basically every 15 minutes a set group of stores will be each having unique deals. There is also a contest to win $250 worth of mall bucks or a $260 Portrait Study from Sears Portrait Studio. You can enter the contest at Customer Service; however, you physically have to be there at 11PM to win the prizes. As well as the 15 minute specials going on there is also a couple stores also doing all-night specials. Continue reading for a complete list of deals.

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It has been a few weeks now since the new Super Walmart opened in Medicine Hat, but is it a welcome change?

As the new Super Walmart was opened, the pre-existing Walmart was closed. The new store boasts a  complete grocery section and many expanded departments such as electronics, clothing, home decor, and more. McDonalds and Tim Hortons restaurants are also included in the new Supercenter. The grand opening featured over $15,000 in donations to local charities and singing of the Canadian National Anthem before the ribbon was cut to officially open the store. One would think Walmart is a caring corporation and a welcome addition to Medicine Hat, but what do the citizens think? And how does Walmart maintain such low prices?

Walmart Logo. Image courtesy of Walmart.

Walmart Logo. Image courtesy of Walmart.

While overhearing many people at work discussing the new store, most people seemed to have mixed feelings about what the store had to offer, but mostly they all agreed on the same thing: that the store, overall, was a nuisance. It seems that it is too big for most people to relish shopping at (despite the new Canadian Tire and current Superstore being of a comparable size overall). The concrete floor is a main dislike for people. Lineups are another common criticism. Apparently, much of the time the Interact machines do not work, which are not depicted before entering the checkout lanes, resulting in people just leaving the groceries and the store.

The only good thing it seems is the parking issue. In the previous Walmart, to get out of the store, you would have to often times drive in front of the building doors, where many pedestrians emerged from before walking across the road to get to their vehicles. Now there is a more spacious parking lot and two entrances and exits between the main facade.

With’s title saying: “Save money. Live Better” and the yellow smiley face flying around television commercials knocking prices down, one might wonder: How do they get the prices so low?

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Apparently over the last few days there has been a nudist or pervert walking around Medicine Hat taking the liberty of flashing people.

Last reports, given by people calling into My96FM, suggest the person has been sighted around Crescent Heights area and has been seen around schools, perhaps around St. Mary’s school.

I expect this story will get blown out of proportion like the “Kick a Ginger Day.” Many people will invariably assume that if they see someone with a long coat or some sinister look to them that they will be linked to the current story. Of course, “Free Speech Friday” on My96FM does not really help the situation, when freaked out people call in with half-truths or uninformed perceptions.

David Hoffos image courtesy of

David Hoffos image courtesy of

As previously posted on this article, I talked about how David Hoffos has two installations featured at the Esplanade entitled “Catastrophe” and “Another City” – collectively known as Disaster & Desire. The installations will be up until November 30th, 2008; however, David Hoffos will be doing an “Artist Talk” tonight at 8PM. It’s taking place tonight as part of “Downtown Midnight Madness”, which I talk about more on this post.

David Hoffos will be talking about his work, and giving insights on his work currently exhibited artwork in the Esplanade. He will be presenting in the Studio Theatre, which is located in Esplanade tonight at 8PM. Oh yes, I should also mention there will be free admission tonight for the Art Gallery (where his work is featured).

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery is located at 2301 Trans Canada Way in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

The staff overall is attentive, greeting customers almost immediately as they walk in the door and seem ready to sit down. Drinks are brought out promptly, and usually refilled regularly. Food is prepared excellently every time I have been there and cautionary warnings given by the servers when something is quite hot to the touch. Followups by the servers are given often, asking how the food is and offerings of dessert are a norm when the meal is finished.

Medicine Hat Perkins facade. Image courtesy of Gobraemar.

Medicine Hat Perkins facade. Image courtesy of Gobraemar.

The restaurant boasts a large selection of menu items, along with the ability to pick and choose certain items for customers to choose selectively or add to other meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner specials are also offered for discounted prices if ordered within specific time frames. All kids meals are served with a free drink and free cookie, while seniors (55+ in age) are offered discounted prices for their meals.

Despite being primarily targetted towards family and older crowds, it is overall a nice quiet place to dine in for anyone.