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Monarch Theatre Media Release

Monarch Theatre Media Release

The Monarch Theatre is holding a series of film showings entitled “Films Al Fresco” as part of the Monarch Theatre Revitalization Project.

The films will be shown every Saturday in July and August (except July 11th), at the Kin Coulee Park band shell and start at approximately 9:00pm.

Please bring a blanket or a chair as there is no fixed seating, so get there early for the best view. A small concession with some of your favorite movie snacks will be available on site during the events.

For those who are unaware, the Monarch Theatre is a theater downtown that was closed a couple years ago but is now re-opening and will run as a not-for-profit movie theatre and performance space for five days out of the week. It was purchased by the City Centre Development Agency (CCDA).

For more information check out The Monarch Theatre Website.

A couple weeks ago we were contacted by Rob Sparks of Shaw TV who stumbled across Medicine Hat Media and he so kindly offered to interview us about the website, so of course we took him up on the offer!

We met up with Rob at The Medicine Hat College one afternoon and after setting up his equipment, he asked some questions and filmed Vaughn and I talking about Medicine Hat Media, and after a couple action shots of us typing away on our laptops and some post-interview production, the commercial was ready to air.

Being on TV was one of the sort of milestones that Vaughn and I both share. It is kind of akin to our presence on the Internet, because once you are on either, the possibility is there for an unlimited number of people to view your work. Also, I am not just so cool that I wore my sunglasses during the interview, but in actuality, I asked Rob if I should take them off, as it was sunny, and he said to leave them on.

The commercial airs every now and then on Shaw TV (Channel 10), but thankfully there is YouTube and you do not have to camp out to see it.

Shaw TV

Medicine Hat Media Shaw TV Interview Commercial

Rosalyn Church is a semi-finalist in Country Music Television’s “Casting Call” contest.  This local girl is vying for a summer ‘on air’ job at CMT. She is pitted against 15 other hopefuls from across Canada. You can vote for your hometown girl and watch her video entry at this link:

CMT Casting Call

Excerpt from her bio posted on the site:

I’ve had a taste of the industry but now I want the full meal deal. I’ve worked in TV for two years now so am very comfortable in front of the camera. I have an outgoing personality, quick on my feet and work well under pressure. I’ve also worked with the country music radio station here in the Hat where I’ve filled in a few times for the morning show. I’ve interviewed numerous country artists and have even made some friends along the way! Have always enjoyed new opportunities and look forward to new challenges.

Since YouTube is the video God of the Internet, and Vaughn and I are no exception in having accounts to upload videos, I set out to find some prime Medicine Hat YouTube accounts, so here they are:

MHCVideo is my user account I made to upload not only my own videos, but videos from the Video I and II class I was in during college, so there are also a few student videos to view.

Drathy is Vaughn’s user account (one of his internet pseudonyms), mostly used to upload his own videos done in college, as well as gaming videos that synergize with one of his websites, The Gamer’s Journal

Bent Radio is the user account for someone that was in First Year when we were in Third Year. His name is Matt and that is about all I know regarding him. He has a funny video though that we saw at the Video Show in December-ish.

The Newsom Brothers generally do short 10-45 second videos regarding a lot of questionable stuff. Pretty funny if you are not grossed out easily.

And some others:

Medicine Hat College Campus
Medicine Hat Blog
Medicine Hat News
Tiger’s Hockey
Kim Johnston
Chat TV

Some featured videos after the jump:

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Kirby, also known as John Kirby, is a talented Canadian folk artist and will be playing at The Ottoman Lounge, March 19th, and again on April 17th. Kirby has toured Canada solo three times in 2008 in support of his second release “The Good Fight EP”. Now, on this tour, he has 32 separate dates all across Canada.

The Good Fight EP Cover

The Good Fight EP Cover

Listening through some of his online stuff and even downloading his full set of releases; yes that’s right, you can legally grab all of his music (including demos and other stuff) in good ol’ MP3 form right off of his website here – he seems to be a very talented folk artist in the traditional acoustic singer-songwriter fashion, reminding me of John Mayer in my limited scope. Lots of his music seems depressing or more introspective on a basic level, but as one commenter put it, Craig Webster, on his blog,

“On the surface, you might think songs like “Defeat” and “Lost Loved Ones” are songs of sorrow and despair, but you’d be wrong. Instead, they are songs about overcoming your obstacles, and they show the listener that no matter how bleak life and its situations might look, there is an optimistic way to look at it.”

I think I would tend to agree with him, especially when viewing his first video single “The Good Fight” (shown below).

Videos and links after the jump!

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On Friday, December 5, 2008, Medalta’s Squared Gallery will be hosting the Four 9t (490) & Video Night art opening. 490 (or Four 9t as it’s referred to in the poster) is the Directed Study class while the videos are presented by the Video class within the Visual Communications program at the Medicine Hat College. The 490 portion of the show will be opened for the public until January 10, 2009.

Four 9t Show & Video Night Poster

Four 9t Show & Video Night Poster

Come down for free wines and foods and see some student made videos and artwork. Showtime starts at 8PM at the Medalta Squared Gallery. Artwork displayed will include video, print material, photography, performance art, and more!

Medalta Historic Clay District is located at 713 Medalta Ave SE. The Squared Gallery itself is located inside the building (go left once you enter the building).

Not that it is really Medicine Hat-based, but the other day, on November 22, 2008, YouTube broadcast it’s first and hopefully annual event called YouTube Live. Although, in a way, since it is on the Internet, it is like it is actually in Medicine Hat, if not everywhere at once.

YouTube Live was broadcast live from San Fransisco and featured about three and a half hours of live show coverage as well as backstage cameras and audience cameras. The event was highly geared towards Internet phenomena from all around the world who had “made it big” using YouTube’s services. People and acts from all over joined in San Fransisco to participate. The most amazing part to me was the fact that I knew about probably 80% of the acts and people and who they were and what they did to gain fame, and to see them all come together was wonderful.

The acts included performances by Joe Satriani with FunTwo, Mythbusters, Fred, Katy Perry, Chad Vader, The Spinto Band, and much more.

Check for more information and videos of the show.

And of course, check for a bunch of videos that students in Visual Communications at the Medicine Hat College have created.

Tobie Laliberte, Medicine Hat (he actually isn’t from here, just living here) artist and musician, and father of two is this months featured artist. He is in his third year (and final year) of the Visual Communications program here at the Medicine Hat College. He also has won 12 consecutive french spelling bee contests. Actually that last one is a lie, I don’t know that much about him, although he is french and of the Canadian persuasion (if you couldn’t tell by his name). Below you will see two of his videos that he had created in Video 1 class during 2007.

Tobie Laliberte - Photography via his Facebook

Tobie Laliberte - Photography via his Facebook

Executed in 1979 (2007)

View his other video and some art after the jump.

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The Ottoman Lounge
502 South Railway St. Se
Medicine Hat, AB

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008 at 9:00pm

Tonight, starting at 9PM, Corby Dorner, Jason Helman, and Troy Biccum (also known as Jones) with special guest Tim Herman will be playing at The Ottoman Lounge. This isn’t the first time Tim will be playing with Jones and will not be the last. There is several more performances planned in November and December.

Tim Herman is a guitar instructors at the United Conservatory of Music here in Medicine Hat and even has a music video.

Tim Herman’s “Wrap Your Arms” – 1997

Facebook Event Link
Tim Herman’s Website

If you haven’t seen them already, here is the complete listing of all Medicine Hat College videos that have been uploaded on to YouTube by the college. The last two, the ones with the students are a little cheesy and even maybe a little awkward at parts; however, the are pretty decent for being made locally – if they were made locally that is.

Life after Medicine Hat College

Click the jump below to watch the other two videos.

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