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It seems like a lot of what I have been doing is finding weird, local-related videos. This one is from Richard, an inspiring local rap artist (but not really). It’s an awkward rap video dedicated to the 85th birthday of Richard’s grandmother that was uploaded to YouTube. Hopefully, this was a joke and a funny video to show his grandmother. If this was serious, yikes… It kind of reminds me of a mash-up of these videos: “Who Needs a Video?” which is not a joke, and then this, guy, Jon Lajoie, who is a comedy-rap-artist-person-guy (which, again, hopefully was the inspiration for this video).


Vaughn, greetings,

Although the video is quite old, Robert Shapiro, Mystic/Shaman, seems to be believe Mother Earth has invoked an energy (coming from the center of her being, no less) in to Medicine Hat and the surrounding area, which will last around 20-25 years. So what do you say, have you felt a little more energized since 2009? Did you start feeling a little “special”? Robert believes you are special! Also, he says you don’t need coffee anymore, so throw that out!

Good life.

Cinema Politica Brings “Bananas” to Medicine Hat

A new local organization called Cinema Politica kicks off its first program on Monday evening, November 29, 2010. Bananas, a documentary film, will be showing at 7:00 pm in the Library Theatre, followed by informal discussion. Admission is free, but donations will be accepted at the door.

Bananas documents the struggles of Nicaraguan farm workers engaged in a legal battle to receive compensation after exposure to a banned pesticide known to cause health problems. Was their employer, the Dole company, acting like an irresponsible multinational corporation, or was it the victim of a fraudulent lawsuit and an unscrupulous filmmaker? The answer is far from straightforward. Viewing and discussing the film gives a chance to wrestle with issues of globalization, the ethics of food production, and media responsibility.

Cinema Politica is a national organization which provides support for local groups screening documentary films with a political or environmental message. The new local branch is affiliated with Friends of the Library. Beginning in January, the local branch will be showing a film on the last Monday of each month. Admission is free, but donations will be accepted to support the national Cinema Politics organization, and to enable the library to add to its collection of documentary films.

Residents can now follow the City of Medicine Hat on YouTube to learn more about City projects and services.

To visit the City’s YouTube channel go to A link to the City’s channel can also be found on the City of Medicine Hat website at

“Websites like YouTube are a great way for the City to keep citizens and visitors informed about topics ranging from innovative projects to new programs or even existing services,” says Colleen Brown, Corporate Communications Manager. “We encourage residents to follow the City not only on YouTube, but also on our other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on all areas of interest.”

The newest video on the YouTube channel focuses on the City’s response to the recent winter weather.

This is the first in my 72 part series that I’m calling What Are They Thinking? (WATT)

This story is from April of 2000.  I find the arguments, from ten years ago against naming so many streets similarly were very coherent concerns.

Great line-up at the Espy.

Sports Connection Source For Sports Double Feature

Sports Connection Source For Sports Double Feature

Sports Connection Source For Sports will be the host to an upcoming double feature at The Monarch Theatre on October 1st, 2010. The event is a fundraiser to support a local hockey team and will showcase two classic hockey films: Slap Shot (1977) and Youngblood (1986).

Ticket are $20 and are available at Sports Connection Source For Sports, located at 833 Kingsway Ave SE. The purchase of a ticket includes both movies and a beverage. As alcohol and hockey usually go hand-in-hand, alcohol will also be available for purchase.

Come dressed up in your favourite retro hockey jersey for a chance to win an authentic Dave “Killer” Carlson signed jersey.

For more information, check out

Check out Sports Connection Source For Sports for more sport goods information in Medicine Hat

As tipped off by a Medicine Hat Media reader on Twitter, The Last Steamship: The Search for the SS City of Medicine Hat is a very odd and interesting documentary, filmed in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I had no idea of the story, but as the trailer informed me: In June 1908, Captain Horatio Ross lead the SS City of Medicine Hat down the South Saskatchewan river through the newly formed city of Saskatoon, was tangled by telegraph wire and crashed into a bridge, sinking it. Recently, an anchor was found from the boat and the premise for the documentary was born. It was the last steamboat to travel on the South Saskatchewan river.

One of the tag-lines kind of cracked me up though: “The greatest nautical disaster… (wait for it)… in prairie history!”. It’s being released on September 3rd. Maybe the Monarch should get a copy of this to show?

Watch the Trailer
Official Website

Ohhhh, the Taco Time
We offer the freshest ingredients
From crisp veggies, to freshly made salsas
As well, our real cheddar cheese

Well, I know what I am having for supper. TACO TUESDAYS!

There’s been a lot of controversy over the whole Monarch debacle, and there hasn’t been a lot of public information on the CCDA’s side of things until now. Our friends at CHAT TV who periodically release great content from their news broadcasts on to YouTube share their latest clip entitled “Downtown Dispute”. This video shows a bit of the CCDA’s position, where they contend, that the design expenses were never approved, so it was never officially in their budget (which was getting more and more thin as the renovations progressed). Their position is that “nobody knew about” the $9000 bill which was submitted at the end of the year by Amy of Rapscallion, and not a monthly invoice they would have thought to receive for any expenses. It seems a bit more fair on the CCDA’s perspective now.

Something still strikes me as odd though, considering they were using the posters, promotional materials, the logo and the website. Although it wasn’t stated in the video, it would be assumed, that of all these projects being done by Rapscallion was considered, by the board, to be volunteer work? It seems like a lot of work to be considered volunteering; was it never discussed? Months and months of separate pieces of work was never brought up and the payment for said pieces? I think some of the story is still missing here. Furthermore, they are still using some of the original content including the logo; albeit, an extracted/copied version. Who owns the intellectual property rights? If there was no invoice or payment, was there any contractual release of property rights?

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