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Monday, February 28, 7 pm at the Public Library.

“The Garden” follows a group of inner-city Los Angeles farmers as they struggle to save their fourteen-acre community garden from demolition and redevelopment. Cinema Politica presents thoughtful films and conversation for concerned people. Admission is free, but donations are accepted to defray expenses. Click here for details.

The One Book One Community committee of Medicine Hat is busy preparing for its 7th annual event to be held in October 2011 and they need your help! For each event, OBOC chooses a book to be read by all of Medicine Hat from suggestions made by the community.

Throughout February 2011, you can submit your suggestions via an online suggestion form. You can also submit your suggestions in person at Coles The Book People (in the Medicine Hat Mall), the Medicine Hat Public Library, and the Vera Bracken Library (Medicine Hat College).

Your suggestions can be either fiction or nonfiction, but must be:

(a) Canadian,

(b) available in paperback format, and

(c) substantial enough to generate discussion and debate.

For more about information about OBOC, visit their website at You can keep up-to-date with the latest OBOC news by subscribing to their blog or joining their Facebook page.

Please contact Leigh Cunningham at 403.504.3654 or for any additional information.

Cinema Politica Brings “Bananas” to Medicine Hat

A new local organization called Cinema Politica kicks off its first program on Monday evening, November 29, 2010. Bananas, a documentary film, will be showing at 7:00 pm in the Library Theatre, followed by informal discussion. Admission is free, but donations will be accepted at the door.

Bananas documents the struggles of Nicaraguan farm workers engaged in a legal battle to receive compensation after exposure to a banned pesticide known to cause health problems. Was their employer, the Dole company, acting like an irresponsible multinational corporation, or was it the victim of a fraudulent lawsuit and an unscrupulous filmmaker? The answer is far from straightforward. Viewing and discussing the film gives a chance to wrestle with issues of globalization, the ethics of food production, and media responsibility.

Cinema Politica is a national organization which provides support for local groups screening documentary films with a political or environmental message. The new local branch is affiliated with Friends of the Library. Beginning in January, the local branch will be showing a film on the last Monday of each month. Admission is free, but donations will be accepted to support the national Cinema Politics organization, and to enable the library to add to its collection of documentary films.

The Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibition Program, southeast Alberta region, announced today the opening of a new travelling art exhibition at the Medicine Hat Public Library, 414 First Street SE. The Fantastical World of Jeff de Boer will be on display at the library until Feb. 24, 2010.

The Fantastical World of Jeff de Boer is populated by intrepid explorers, armoured warriors, robots, flying machines and mysterious ‘exoforms.’ He has spent a lifetime imagining the hero’s transformative journey through his art. The metal sculptures and schematic drawings presented in this travelling exhibition reflect the sculptor’s keen awareness of tradition and potential of technology to shape the future.

The son of a tinsmith, Jeff de Boer began working with metal at the age of five. He built his first complete set of armour before finishing high school. As a graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design in 1988, de Boer garnered much early critical attention with his unique armour for cats and mice. There are wonderful and intricate examples of cat, mice and rat armour in this exhibition that humorously explore the relationship between predator and prey, as well as the relationship of opposites in nature. De Boer also reveals his interest in Asian philosophy and culture with a major sculpture from the collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts entitled, The Buddha in You.

The conception of de Boer’s highly refined sculptures often begins and develops through schematic drawings. This travelling exhibition presents work drawings related to his major commissions such as the RoboFamily at the Vancouver Science World. THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

Twitter Twittering Tweets. If you don’t already know somehow, Twitter is a social networking and extremely popular micro-blogging service that enables users to post short messages (or tweets) from their phone, computer, their own website and other devices. There is not a lot of people quite a few people and businesses that post regularly on Twitter that are from Medicine Hat. This post is another one of my famous lists, so here it goes:

*Updated July 26th, 2009*

Medicine Hat Public Library
That’s right, the MHPL uses Twitter to post updates and events happening in the Library. It’s nice to see a place you would think would be fairly old-school using this service.

Medicine Hat College
Now, even the Medicine Hat College has begun to tweet! I’m told they will begin to post event info, advisor updates and more.

Medicine Hat News
Medicine Hat News has started posting links to their top and local stories using the “twitterfeed” web application.

TriCube Media
Local web design and development company has just started using Twitter to post and will post a variety of things including finished/portfolio work, cool gadgets, internet happenings, and more.

From Womb to Cradle
The From Womb to Cradle posts about pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting information as well as professional events.

Memory Lane Computers
This local computer store and web development company uses Twitter to post about new stock, technology/computer news and other things.

I originally had a very large list here of individuals in Medicine Hat that post on twitter, but it just got to hard to keep up with. So instead, please take a look at who Medicine Hat Media follows (login required). We try to follow everybody from Medicine Hat, unless they have been inactive for months, then we usually un-follow them to keep our list active; however, we do try to keep all the businesses and organizations followed.

Well that concludes it, I hope you found some twitterers that tweet in Medicine Hat to follow or friend! Okay, I’m sick of saying Twitter related words now. One thing I did notice was the mass majority of Twitter users also have their own website, in most cases it is another blog which 99% of the time contains their Twitter feed in it. Comment if I have missed you!

*Thanks to Sarah and Michelle*

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