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The Hat Art Club (also known as the Medicine Hat Art Club) is a non-profit organization for artists in the city. It is also known to most as “what the Cultural Centre by the Medicine Hat College is used for”. Like I stated, the club’s main residence is in the Cultural Centre’s various studios and features many programs including classes and workshops to the public.  Unfortunately I have posted this a little late in the game as most of the classes are ending this year until September but I may post an update later when they begin again.

The mandate of the club is to promote awareness of the various media of visual art and to encourage personal development and growth. The membership costs $100 a year but considering membership gets you studio space and access to things like a printing press, easels, drawing tables, etc. it’s well worth it even without doing any of the classes. Continue reading for the full list of both programs and benefits:

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Donna Macauley is a visual artist in Medicine Hat. She has taken four years of post-secondary art education including two years of Visual Communications in Medicine Hat and two years of Fine Arts at the University of Calgary.

I first viewed her work hanging in Western Pizza, which was a welcome change to most restaurants having typical and highly recognizable artwork or bland artwork. Donna’s pieces on the other hand are intriguing and what is more, local, and that aspect alone makes it a lot more interesting to me.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Her abstract pieces are definitely my favourites, but she also delves into still life, portraits, and modern renderings.

More samples of her work as well as contact information for Donna Macauley can be found at or head down to Western Pizza to enjoy some good food and check the art out.

Please first view our news post about Lost & Found.

In brief: the Medicine Hat College’s Visual Communications grad show will be held tonight starting at 7PM. There will be a variety items in the exhibition including art, design, furniture, video, photography and more. There will be entertainment, food, and most likely some alcohol beverages. It will be held in the main Medicine Hat College entrance – it will be hard to miss.

Lost & Found Mailouts - Photo via Flickr

Lost & Found Mailouts - Photo via Flickr

Lost & Found - Image from

Lost & Found - Image from

Download the official press release kit (PDF – 4.89MB)

Visual Communications Students gear up for Lost & Found Art Exhibition April 3-12th, 2009 at Medicine Hat College. Every year the graduating students from the Visual Communications Program put on an end-of-the-year exhibition to showcase their work and the skill gained from the previous three years.

Lost & Found is the name of this year’s final exhibition. The students have chosen to have a “green” theme this year and are looking to recycle many materials used during the duration of the exhibition, including all the cardboard and corrugated board, which is used as decoration throughout the show.

“We are getting recycled cardboard and are planning to reuse it afterwards,” said student, Tobie Laliberte. “I just love working with the cardboard, with its natural look and flexibility.”

Lost & Found Promotional Boxes - Photo via Flickr (link below)

Lost & Found Promotional Boxes - Photo via Flickr

This year’s show will feature a wide variety of mediums including painting, graphic design, furniture design, illustration, video and photography. Each student is responsible for their own work to put into the show, along with the preparation involved in hosting their exhibition.

“Every student produces their own original work for the show,” explains Laliberte, “along with helping plan, promote and prepare for the event itself. The class is split into different committees and the work is divided amongst themselves.”

The Lost and Found Exhibition will take place April 3rd – 12th in the front corridor at Medicine Hat College. Attendance is free.

Check out the Lost & Found Grad Show’s Photostream on Flickr

More information can be found at the official website:

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I felt kind of guilty by not posting this before with my Mary Anne Barkhouse posting on February 12th. At the time, I didn’t even know Dean Francis was also having a show on the same night. Well, no problem – you might have missed out on the reception but his work is still being displayed until April 1st, 2009.

Light Magic - Dean Francis, 2009 - Photography via the Esplande site

Light Magic - Dean Francis, 2009 - Photography via the Esplande

His work involves very technical, almost photo realistic oil paintings about wildlife, nature, and the open landscape. In some instances his brush strokes appear to be looser on some paintings, especially when painting grass and tree branches, but in other cases, when he is painting clouds and animals, they seem very detailed and the brush strokes are not as apparent. I believe all the paintings he has in the Esplande are new works from 2008 and 2009.

Dean Francis has been painting for over 30 years, being outside recording and analyzing the landscape, nature and the animals in the outdoors. His paintings are very vibrant which is odd considering much of the subject matter that some would consider “the boring prairies”, but I think he captures the settings in his own “light” and conveys their real beauty without being over the top.

Esplanade Entry
Official Website

Medicine Hat boasts a number of photography websites, but the thing that kind of gets me is that the sites are all generally pretty good. Often times when you search graphic design or website design, or artistry (especially artistry), the sites that come up on the front page generally are not that great in terms of both design, graphical content and running text, but searching “Medicine Hat photography” in Google yields a good batch of results. So here’s a small critique (design in mind) as well as the links:

I kind of understand that photographers want music on their websites to set the mood for their gallery, but on the whole, downloading large music files really bogs down the speed and efficiency at which you can browse their website. Often times the music might not even load up until halfway through your browsing, then you are left wondering where the sound might be coming from.

Five decent photography websites are as follows:


Lynnguistics website


Pretty good site, my only quarrel is that there is a splash page; which generally people find a nuisance, and the navigation and other elements seem kind of randomly placed; however, once you get into the galleries, everything is filled up nicely with large images to really see what is going on.

Flare Photo

Flare Photography website

Flare Photography

A nice elegant site at no mistake. Floral designs give a nice aesthetic and a simple to use navigation. What is more, while most artists and art teachers always seem to strive for seeing the work against a lot of white space, Flare Photo seems to relish using sampled colour from their photos for their borders, which is a nice and fresh change from the norm.

Gainsboro Studio

Gainsboro Studio

Gainsboro Studio

Gainsboro Studio seems to sport a fairly easy to use website. Their photography seems a lot more stand-and-pose than the others in this post, which is not a bad thing at all for family portraits, wedding photos, or whatever you may desire, but that style may lack the certain spark of spontaneity. Great photos though.

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Mary Anne Barkhouse is having a reception for her recently set-up Esplande exhibition tonight entitled “Boreal Baroque”. This exhibition is filled with lots of animal-related imagery and sculpture (much like her other work). In this installation, she is taking her animal vision and placing them in an odd juxtaposition: seventeenth century ornamentals and furniture. The title itself alludes to Boreal Forest while Baroque refers to the seventeenth century court of Louis XIV.

Still Life with Owl, 2007 - Photography courtesy of Esplanade

Still Life with Owl, 2007 - Photography courtesy of Esplanade

Mary Anne Barkhouse was born in Vancouver, BC and is a graduate of the New Media program at the Ontario College of Art. Her work has been shown throughout Canada over several years and she has picked up a couple collectors a long the way.

Reception admission is free and the event itself will officially start at 7PM. The exhibition will remain viewable until April 1st, 200.

Read/view more here:

Esplande Entry
The Ontario Association of Art Galleries


Dean Francis:Light Magic will also be in this showing until April 1st.

*Update February 12th, 2009*

Unfortunately, due to low response this has been canceled (for now at least).

Pen & Ink is a new comic and art publication based out of Medicine Hat, run by Kelly Bryksa of KB Graphics Inc. It will be printed six times a year and will feature local artists’ work in the forms of comic strips/art, sketches, or fine art. I think this will be a great thing for all our local artists to either get known or get some of their work published. The deadline for the first issue is quickly approaching, which is Friday, February 6th. The first issue will be released on February 27th. If you just found out about it now, you can maybe work on making the next deadline which is to be announced.

Pen & Ink Logo

Pen & Ink Logo

There’s a couple stipulations for submissions. Currently there’s three rules posted on the official web page: no nudity, no explicit language and the best rule of them all, no use of Comic Sans. I use to write and draw a lot of comic strips as a kid, and I even used to sell them at the school. I swear I made like 20 bucks selling them at 10 cents a piece. Anyways, that’s a little besides the point, but It makes me want to get into it again, at least the writing portion, not so much the drawing. Which is another good thing about the publication, it offers strict writers the chance to get paired up with artists that do not wish to write, or simply aren’t good enough at it (like I’m not good enough at drawing for example).

Also, to those of you “not in the know”, Kelly Bryksa is a 2001 graduate of the Medicine Hat College Visual Communications program. You can get in contact with him at or phone 403-527-3355.

The Alberta Foundation for the Arts will be hosting a workshop for art grants and funding on January 30th and 31st. This event is for artists and organization that want or are thinking about applying for an art grant. Individuals are asked to attend on January 30th from 3PM until 4:30PM and organizations are asked to attend on January 31st from 10AM to 11:30AM. The workshops will be held at the Medicine Hat College in room f-135 and led by AFFTA director, Al Chapman. For more information please contact or head on over to their website:

Starting December 16, 2008, at the Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre, begins Whole Being, the biannual faculty exhibition from the staff of the Medicine Hat College Visual Communications program. The program of which is founded from the collaboration between fine art and design. The staff consists of a world-wide variety of skilled artisans, all specialized in their own way. Whole Being includes the professionals, Laara Cassells, Craig Cote, Deborah Forbes, Mato Higashitani, Rory Mahony, Micheal McClary, Poul Nielsen, Dean Smale, Yulin Wang, Giles Woodward, and Nelson Yuen. Poul Nielsen has also recently been a featured artist here at Medicine Hat Media; he specializes in drawing and painting. With all types of media combined, the show is surely to strike at all the senses, as well as instill deep thought about how we relate to the world in which we live.

Whole Being Handout

Whole Being Handout

The reception begins Thursday, January 22, 8PM, and is also free admission. The show ends February 1, 2009, making it the grand show to carry the Esplanade into the 2009 New Year. Here is the summary statement presented to you by the Esplanade:

“Artists and designers from the faculty of the Visual Communications Program at Medicine Hat College show exciting new works in all media which embrace art as a way of making sense (by every means) of the existing world and our place in it.”

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