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Susan Knight, will be having an exhibition tonight (December 10th) at 7:00PM at The Hive Artist’s Hub for her new show entitled “UNDER THE INFLUENCE”. The show will be running from today until January 15th if you are not able to make it. I already took a sneak-peek at the artwork and it was really quite interesting. There’s also a couple samples of the artwork on her site. Here’s a little bit more about Susan and her work:

Susan Knight is a self-taught photographer and digital artist. She lives and works in Medicine Hat, AB where she specializes in interpretive self-portraiture. In addition to her natural creative flair, Susan has found that her formal training as an interior designer and architectural experience enhances her ability to express herself though her art and allows her to bring a unique eye to commissioned works.

Susan’s current primary project, “In the Style of…”, is a study of the construction of personal and artistic identity through style. Using the media of costume, make-up, backdrop, and her own form, each image is thoroughly researched, meticulously plotted and digitally enhanced to create a work that is completely new yet also true to the style of selected greats from the history of portrait artistry. Through these images, the viewer can see a familiar face transform under the artist’s touch and how the artist’s craft claims and forms the subject yet works to reveal the true, constant character lurking beneath the surface.

Call for artists and artisans in Canadian Badlands Ltd, Historic Clay District’s The Hive Artists’ Hub.

There are two subsidized artist and/or artisan studios at The Hive, which are available for artists of any media, one for a short term and one for a term of 6 months. The application deadline is December 6th, 2010. To apply or for more information, contact Tobie Laliberte at 403.504.5371, or visit their website,, or drop by at 569 2nd Street SE in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

The Hive Artists’ Hub is a Canadian Badlands Ltd. initiative, administered by the Historic Clay District. The Hive is located in downtown Medicine Hat. The facility, which has five artist and/or artisan studios, is subsidized through the Rural Alberta’s Development Fund. Different lenght of terms are available for artists and/or artisans, who also have access to professional development opportunities and storefront gallery.

For more information, interviews or visuals, contact:

Tobie Laliberte – Artists Incubator Director
The Hive Artists Hub

Quentin Randall – Marketing Coordinator
Historic Clay District

Cyclops Ring from Rapscallion Design

Cyclops Monster Ring from Rapscallion Design

For those of you who don’t know, Etsy is an on-line version of the local “arts and craft sale”. Think of eBay, but for handmade and hand-crafted items. It took awhile to get started in Medicine Hat, and even longer to get more than a couple people participating, but now there’s quite a few vendors locally.

There’s quite the range for Medicine Hat vendors too, anything from knitted caps, stuffed animals, plushies, weird and crazy jewelery (from Rapscallion Design), vintage clothing, greeting cards, original artwork, and more.

Etsy Medicine Hat

I would like to take this post to talk about Medalta for a second. I’m sure you all know about Medalta Potteries and if you don’t, all the information you will ever need to know is located on their site. This post is about their newsletters which are released monthly-ish and managed by a local celebrity of sorts, Quentin Randall – I only say that because I see his name at least once a day in some blog post, a Twitter post, an email, a city-based project, or in this case in the Medalta newsletters.

The Medalta newsletters, “Medalta, in the Historic Clay District”, are more than just news of the Medalta Potteries (there is plenty of that too though), they are about events happening around the city, art exposure, books, performances and more. It’s always a little bit different too which is nice. It becomes a very nice local resource, perhaps one that you haven’t thought of coming from a pottery museum.

Not convinced by words alone? Take a peek at the October newsletter. Subscribe to the newsletter here.

This exciting project will challenge artists to create small portraits of the city of Medicine Hat in less than a day!

Our goal: With a limited timeline to promote spontaneity and adventure and through a variety of mediums and approaches, we will create a rich and diverse collection of artwork. Artists will capture the character and personality of various aspects of the city such as its residents, city streets, parks, architecture, unique landscape and much more.

Twenty artists will be accepted to participate. Artists working in drawing, painting, photography and video mediums will be best suited to the project. Artwork will be for sale and exhibited in the gallery for 8 weeks.

The Artists Gathering

A Day in the Life begins at 9am on Saturday September 11th We will begin the day with a discussion about the city and its history. All artists will be invited to speak briefly about their own connections to the city. This discussion will serve to motivate and invigorate participants. Artists so often work alone in studios and on location so this type of gathering is important for us to experience. It allows artists to compare and contrast our creative approaches and ideas. (Sept 11th is also the Santa Claus Toy Run downtown. This may provide some very interesting opportunities for the artists to capture intriguing images) THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

pARTy on 2nd!

pARTy on 2nd!

This is one of those art events you don’t want to miss out on, taking place during Alberta Art Days, is “pARTy on 2nd” which will be featuring art from Stephanie Dalla-Longa, Tobie Laliberte, Dusty Melling and myself within Inspire Studio & Gallery; however, that is just a sample of the events taking place. pARTy on 2nd takes place on Friday, September 17th from 7:00PM to 10:00pm.

From the Facebook event:

You are invited to celebrate Alberta Arts Days! Brought to you by the CCDA, Framing and Art Centre, the Hive Artists’ Hub, Inspire Studio & Gallery, Struck Gallery (formerly Sandfly Gallery & Gifts) and the Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre. There will be food, refreshments and live music by local muscians. You are encouraged to walk from location to location. The fun will continue at the ‘After PARTy!’ from 10:00pm to midnight. Find out where at the participating galleries.

Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre is featuring an opening reception for local artist Evelyn Kleis and Lyndal Osborne. Artists comments at 7:30pm.

Framing and Art Centre is featuring photography by Bruce J. Dynes and more.

The Hive Artists’ Hub is featuring a ‘Group Show’, new work by the artists of the Hive.

Inspire Studio & Gallery is featuring ‘Relationships’ artwork by Stephanie Dalla-Longa, Tobie Laliberte, Dusty Melling and Vaughn Royko.

Struck Gallery (formerly Sandfly Gallery & Gifts) is featuring ‘Portrait of a City Project: A Day in the Life of Medicine Hat.

Download Poster PDF

Facebook Event

‘Hatters now have a chance to be featured in our annual community report card, the 2010 Vital Signs.

The report, which will be released on October 5, 2010, features graded indicators to give the community an indication on quality of life in Medicine Hat. The full colour feature will have several categories, which may include: youth; gap between rich and poor; safety; health; learning, housing; getting started; arts, culture and recreation; environment; work; belonging and leadership; getting around; and economy.

Local photographers are asked to submit any photographs that may fit in to such categories. Photographers chosen will be recognized in the publication’s credits. Subjects of the photos are asked to sign a waiver form prior to publication.

Photographs should be less than seven megabytes and can be emailed to or dropped off at the Community Foundation office: room 104, 430-6th Ave. SE. Deadline is July 31, 2010.

Please be aware that only a limited number of photographs will be chosen, but we thank you for all submissions.

Last year’s report can be viewed through the Foundation’s website at For more information, please call (403) 527-9038, email or join the Community Foundation’s Facebook group.

The Roving Art Reception is the first event to happen in the newly launched and formed “The Hive Artist’s Hub“. The art reception is happening from 7:00PM to 10:00PM and will even feature a live band, aptly named, “Art School”. The live and local band will be performing from 7:00PM to 8:00PM.

The reception will be featuring the art of: Kelsie Risling, Alana Holst, Mitchell Martin, Chelsea Scott, Kristian Jungk and Tobie Laliberte. It’s almost a post-Visual Communications show in a sense with that line-up.

The Hive is located at 569 2nd Street SE.

All the Colours of the Spectrum is also happening tonight as part of the Roving Art Exhibition, please view the full post here.

Spectrum Logo

Looking for the Spectrum 2011 post?

I have already posted about All the Colours of the Spectrum, but what about the main event? This year it taking place over the following dates:

  • Friday 4-10PM (June 4th)
  • Saturday 11AM-10PM (June 5th)
  • Sunday 11AM-4PM (June 6th)

The main Spectrum event contains a huge amount of art, sports, dance, music, food, festivities and other performances (including the magic of Trevor Moore). In fact, I think this post has been tagged with the most categories a single post has ever received. The following is a list of stage performers (which are free, by the way):

Friday, June 4th

4:00 – 4:45 – German Harmony Band
5:00 – 5:45 – Amy Nelson
5:45 – 6:30 – The Magic of Trevor Moore
6:30 – 8:00 – Scott Ward – Hypnotist
8:15 – 9:15 – Kool Ray and the Hip Kats

Saturday, June 5th

11:30 – Amy Nelson
12:00 – Walk a Mile in her Shoes
12:30 – Amy Nelson
1:00 – Medicine Hat’s Got Talent
2:00 – Dance Connection
3:00 – Master’s Extreme Makeover
4:30 – 5:30 – The Straight Jackets
5:30 – 6:30 – Blacksmith Jones
6:45 – 7:45 – The Magic of Trevor Moore
8:00 – 10:00 – Jazz – Lyle Rebbeck

Sunday, June 6th

12:00 – Gas Town Riot
1:00 – Medicine Hat’s Got Talent
2:00 – Dance Connection
3:00 – Quintet

Besides performances, there’s also a ton of other activities and events to keep you busy: THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

The Hive Artist's Hub LogoA very interesting and unique project recently launched here in Medicine Hat is “The Hive”, or formally known as “The Hive Artist’s Hub”. The Canadian Badlands, Historic Clay District and Rural Alberta’s Development Fund have partnered to create an “artist incubator” in downtown Medicine Hat. The renovated downtown loft provides studio space for artists who need a space to focus on work. In addition to this, artists will have access to business development (for themselves) and a retailing store space.

I’m a little tardy to posting this on Medicine Hat Media, but I assume all the artists in the area already know about the project and have already submitted their application for space; however, if you have not, the deadline is May 7th, 2010 to get them in. There is five initial spots up for grabs.

To apply, contact Tobie Laliberte at 403.504.5371,, visit the application section on the website, or drop by at 569 2nd Street SE in Medicine Hat, Alberta (kind of beside The Monarch).

I am surprised to see this type of project actually realized within Medicine Hat, and I applaud everybody involved. This will be a great promotional opportunity on several levels for all the artists to be involved.

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