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Canada Post Lockout Volunteers?

As most of you know, the Canada Post is now in “lockout” mode, which is kind of like a reverse-strike; essentially, the employers are stopping the employees from working. Previously, Canada Post workers were on a “rotating strike” which meant packages and mail were still getting through on a semi-regular schedule, save for one day where each province would take their turn at striking.

In a lockout, no mail is delivered. But wait! Hope is not lost. According to a couple posts on the Medicine Hat News Facebook Page, one employee, Donny Taylor, has stated that he, and a couple others from the local offices of Canada Post are still delivering. This is both good and bad news. The good news is that cheques are still being delivered in this volunteer-mode; however, the bad news is this only effects cheques. That means you are still out of luck for packages and other pieces of mail.

The last Canada Post strike was in 1997 and lasted two weeks. Although this isn’t technically a strike anymore, I personally hope it still only lasts a couple weeks before some headway is made. Others though, are indifferent of the situation. In the age of email, online banking, online payments/bills, digital services – traditional mail is becoming less relevant. Unfortunately, I am still waiting for video games to be shipped, and I need my fix!

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