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Roller Derby Home Game Sponsors Needed

Gas City Rollers LogoThere’s another roller derby home game coming up June 4th and the Gas City Roller Derby Association needs sponsors!

There are two kinds of sponsorships, and both of them are a great deal:

1) Business Card Sponsors $50
These people receive 2 tickets to the game (worth $20) and get their scanned business card printed (in black and white) in the game program. Business card ads also get a mention by our announcer.

2) Game Day Sponsors $200
These sponsors receive 4 tickets to the game (worth $40!) and a personally built ad by our talented designer, Amy Gervais at Rapscallion Design. These are 1/4 page ads are nice and flashy! The league will also hang up the businesses banners at the next game and Les Louder, our AMAZING announcer, will mention the business mulitiple times throughout the game. This costs $200, but is definitely worth its weight in gold as 700 people are¬†forced to hear your name or business, over and over!¬†Any game day sponsor are guaranteed that no other competing business will be allowed game day sponsor for that game. So first come first serve!”

Needless to say, myself and others would personally appreciate all the help we can get! If you’re interested, please contact me at or comment below and I will be around to help set you up or answer any questions you may have.

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