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The Only Place in the World You Can ______

It should be a fun week – Medicine Hat’s tourism branding project is asking you to finish the following sentence:

“Medicine Hat is the only place in the world you can ____________.”

It’s week three of the tourism branding public engagement project and there have been some good answers on the previous questions. And this week may provide some of the most interesting comments to date.

So, what is the answer? What’s the one thing you can do in (or around) this city that you can’t do anywhere else?

Does the answer have to do with the weather? Or any of our facilities like the Drag Strip, baseball diamonds, Medalta or the Esplanade? What about the golf courses?

Is there anything with the river or the bizarre under-rated landscape of the valley?Maybe the snakes factor into it somehow. Or the fact that, if you know where to look, you can get fresh tomatoes in the middle of winter. Granted, that’s not quite an anywhere-in-the-world kind of thing but it sure does satisfy cravings for tomato sandwiches in January.

So let your voice be heard – this project is running for two more weeks and we want to hear from everyone. It’s not often that projects like this look for a month’s worth of input so go to the website and let your voice be heard.

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