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UNDER THE INFLUENCE – Susan Knight Exhibition



Susan Knight, will be having an exhibition tonight (December 10th) at 7:00PM at The Hive Artist’s Hub for her new show entitled “UNDER THE INFLUENCE”. The show will be running from today until January 15th if you are not able to make it. I already took a sneak-peek at the artwork and it was really quite interesting. There’s also a couple samples of the artwork on her site. Here’s a little bit more about Susan and her work:

Susan Knight is a self-taught photographer and digital artist. She lives and works in Medicine Hat, AB where she specializes in interpretive self-portraiture. In addition to her natural creative flair, Susan has found that her formal training as an interior designer and architectural experience enhances her ability to express herself though her art and allows her to bring a unique eye to commissioned works.

Susan’s current primary project, “In the Style of…”, is a study of the construction of personal and artistic identity through style. Using the media of costume, make-up, backdrop, and her own form, each image is thoroughly researched, meticulously plotted and digitally enhanced to create a work that is completely new yet also true to the style of selected greats from the history of portrait artistry. Through these images, the viewer can see a familiar face transform under the artist’s touch and how the artist’s craft claims and forms the subject yet works to reveal the true, constant character lurking beneath the surface.

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