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SILO Playing at Derailed Pub

SILO - Calgary Rock/Metal

SILO - Calgary Rock/Metal

SILO is Rock/Metal band from Calgary, has just found out that after the multitude of music submissions from around the world, their song “Feelin’ Heavy” has been chosen to be included on an International Rock Compilation album. There were only three bands selected from North America, and only one Canadian band, SILO!

With a release date of early 2011, the compilation will be distributed internationally, followed by a European Promo Tour. The European Promo Tour could very well turn into a world tour. SILO is honored to be included on the Road Riot Radio compilation and very excited to be involved in the European Tour in early 2011.

Silo will be performing in Medicine Hat on October 2nd at the Rerailed Pub.

To check out SILO, head on over to their MySpace:

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