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Call for Artists: Portrait of a City

This exciting project will challenge artists to create small portraits of the city of Medicine Hat in less than a day!

Our goal: With a limited timeline to promote spontaneity and adventure and through a variety of mediums and approaches, we will create a rich and diverse collection of artwork. Artists will capture the character and personality of various aspects of the city such as its residents, city streets, parks, architecture, unique landscape and much more.

Twenty artists will be accepted to participate. Artists working in drawing, painting, photography and video mediums will be best suited to the project. Artwork will be for sale and exhibited in the gallery for 8 weeks.

The Artists Gathering

A Day in the Life begins at 9am on Saturday September 11th We will begin the day with a discussion about the city and its history. All artists will be invited to speak briefly about their own connections to the city. This discussion will serve to motivate and invigorate participants. Artists so often work alone in studios and on location so this type of gathering is important for us to experience. It allows artists to compare and contrast our creative approaches and ideas. (Sept 11th is also the Santa Claus Toy Run downtown. This may provide some very interesting opportunities for the artists to capture intriguing images)

The tour begins at 10am – We hit the streets of Medicine Hat! The particular subject matter and content of the artwork created on this day is open for interpretation so that each artist can capture their own vision of the city. Artists may tour the city on foot, by car, bus or bike. Artists can work alone or collaboratively. They may choose to travel with a small group, with a partner, on their own, or a combination of each throughout their day.

Meeting back at Sandfly at 4pm – Participants compare and contrast their work at a scrum (each artist has 3 minutes to present and talk about their work and experience from the day). Artists will visit with each other and enjoy some refreshments to end our day. One to three pieces from each artist will be chosen for the exhibit. All artwork will be displayed in simple glass frames to create unity. If you would like to mat and/or frame the work on your own it must be done and delivered before the 16th of September.

The Exhibition

Friday September 17th – Art work will be exhibited at Sandfly Gallery & Gifts for the pARTy on 2nd, a roving art reception at four venues along 2nd street in downtown Medicine Hat, part of the celebrations for Alberta Arts Days.

SUBMISSIONS ARTISTS MUST SEND an email or call Wendy Struck at or . The goal will be to choose an even number of photographers, painters and artists working in other mediums. Artists will have to complete the majority of the work on the day of the tour. There will be a few days between project day and installation of the exhibit for fine tuning, printing, matting etc.

Call Wendy for details at 403-488-0426

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