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State of Local Emergency Lifted

The Director of Emergency Management Chief Robinson reports that as of 11:30 a.m. Saturday June 26, 2010 the State of Local Emergency for the City of Medicine Hat and Cypress County is hereby lifted. The Emergency Operations Center will continue to work diligently on current objectives and align appropriate agencies to implement strategies in as timely a manner possible.

Municipal agencies are working both out in the community and behind the scenes to restore all services. The City of Medicine Hat is and will continue to do what is required to get our community back on it’s feet.

Access to homes and businesses that were restricted by the flood is being addressed as quickly as possible. Municipal Works is working to restore temporary access along Highway 41A over Ross Creek.

Residents are urged to continue using the Flood Information line (403-502-8900) for updates and information regarding available assistance programs.

Safety remains a concern. Citizens are reminded to stay away from coulee and creek banks as slope failure and sloughing could still occur without warning.

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