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Medicine Hat Meat Traders Ltd. (MHMT) is a business that processes and sells natural local meats and is located at 699 Kingsway Ave SE. Their stock of natural meat includes beef, pork, sausage, jerky and supplies for processing your own meat. Also included are some local general store items such as breads and desserts.

The MHMT website offers a wide array of information about their products and supplies, history and fundraising options, along with a gallery to offer users a virtual tour of their facility and retail store.

I have been to their retail store once so far, but plan on going back often. The sirloin ground beef in particular is top notch and makes some mean nachos. I also purchased a couple packages of their “Dang Good Jerky”, which I would rate among the best jerky in town.

As a headliner, MHMT can often be found at the annual Medicine Hat Farmer’s Market with the majority of their product line available and free samples for buy-curious customers.

To support local business and get some good meat, check out The Medicine Hat Meat Traders.

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  1. June 3rd, 2010 at 5:06 PM

    Joanne Pahl says:

    Thanks very much Sean, we are glad you’re enjoying the products. Just have to let everyone know that now that we have a retail location, we won’t be back at the Farmer’s Market this summer. We enjoyed our time there and hope that Marketers will find us down on Kingsway. Thanks Sean, and don’t worry I’ve still got some yummies down here to sample!

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