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Best Restaurant Picks of 2009

I know it is a bit late, but we decided to this post as a wrap up to eating out and our restaurant picks of 2009. Just in time for 2009 tax season though! This is also a follow-up to our original post, Best Restaurants of 2008 – Top 5 which also builds on a poll we ran in 2009, Input Needed: Best Restaurants of 2009. Because of the timing, we won’t do a poll this year, but hopefully we will for 2010. – Vaughn

Moxie’s Classic Grill – Sean’s Pick #1

Moxie’s is much like the other chain restaurants in town. They have reasonably priced food and their service is usually top-notch. I have had a few dishes from Moxie’s, but now I generally center on the steak sandwiches, which is why I have included Moxie’s in this post! I get steak sandwiches at least once from every restaurant I go to, and Moxie’s has the best (with Original Joe’s as a close competitor). If you are as satisfied by a steak sandwich as I am, head on over to Moxie’s, just be sure to order the steak as medium rare for full flavour.

Dublin’s Pub – Vaughn’s Pick #1

I originally wanted to mix it up a bit, but then, I didn’t. I’ve recently eaten at a lot of new places, but now that it’s 2010, they don’t exactly qualify, and furthermore, they just aren’t as good as my all time favourite anyways. While Dublin’s Pub doesn’t exactly win any points for best looking interior or atmosphere, although they have done some recent tweaks that have made it look much better – that’s not why it’s my favourite, in fact, it probably doesn’t even factor in. While atmosphere is important sometimes, the best burger I’ve ever had trumps aesthetics in my mind. I’ve had quite a lot from their menu until I stumbled upon the Danny Devil’s Burger which is a home-made hamburger patty topped with 2 types of cheese, barbecue sauce, tomato and lettuce.

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Pasta-bilities – Taylor’s Pick

Cheap, fast, and delicious. These are the words that best describe the lunch spot that is Pasta-bilities. Although the menu is limited to pasta of the day and not much else, as a lactose-intolerant and a self-proclaimed picky eater I have yet to be disappointed in any meal from this restaurant. Even if you can’t make it there during your lunch break you can buy authentic Italian food from the restaurant to cook at home. The next time you want a change for lunch visit Pasta-bilities, and listen to the Italian music over a dish of hot, fresh pasta.

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Thai Orchid Room – Vaughn’s Pick #2

Unlike my first post, this place definitely does get points for atmosphere and decor. It’s quite a fancy establishment, and with that comes a typically higher meal price, which is fine, because the food is well worth it! I’ve been there seldomly, but enough to taste quite a few things on the menu. The authentic Thai dishes are prepared and served elegantly with your choice of hotness (mild, hot, authentic). It is also one of the few places you can get a curry dish in Medicine Hat, with another choice being Moxie’s.

The Patio Cafe – Sean’s Pick #2

The Patio Cafe is located in the heart of Downtown Medicine Hat. They focus mostly on lunch themed menus, such as soups and sandwiches of the day, but also do burgers, quesadillas, pizzas, and have a dessert lineup. The service is prompt and friendly, while the menu is more affordable in price, so once you go there, you will want to go back. I would definitely choose The Patio Cafe over a chain restaurant for lunch.

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