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Scatterheart is Back

Scatterheart last performed at the Ottoman Lounge a couple months ago and it looks like they are back for more. This time they will be playing on Friday, October 16th starting at 9:30PM at the Ottoman Lounge again. I should also mention that they were in the Medicine Hat even before that on their tour with Bif Naked. After the last show, a local blogger and avid-music-listener type of fellow, Chris did a couple blog posts on his site about the band and his experience with them at their last show which were an interesting read. Scatterheart, the band themselves, even did a full video blog about the Ottoman Lounge and their experience in Medicine Hat (video below) – talk about dedication!

Last Night’s Scatterheart Concert (via Toxic TuneZ)
Facebook Event
Official Website
Scatterheart @ MySpace

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