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Pizza Hut “Book It” Program

Pizza Hut "Book It" Program

Pizza Hut "Book It" Program

The Pizza Huts in Medicine Hat and Brooks have a special offer going on called Book It, which started on October 1, 2009, and will run until March 31, 2010. The offer is aimed at enticing kids in the younger grades of elementary school to read more, and the prize is free pizza. Who could say no?

The idea is for teachers to set monthly reading goals for each child in their class, which is then noted by their parents at home. Once the child reaches their goal, the teacher presents them with a free pizza certificate. The child (accompanied by a parent) can then go to any Medicine Hat or Brooks Pizza Hut to redeem a free one-topping personal pan pizza, as well as congratulations by the manager or service team. Each accomplished monthly reading goal afterwards will be rewarded with another personal pan pizza and a sticker of achievement.

The first step in the process requires the school to be registered with Pizza Hut (which could be done on their website), but unfortunately, the entry deadline was September 30, 2009, although the program renews every year. The second step is read, read, read. The third step is eat pizza. And the fourth step is to repeat.

I did this program in Regina when I was a kid, and personally speaking, it is an excellent way to motivate kids, because everyone loves pizza, although I do not ever recall being congratulated by the manager or any service staff…

  • Medicine Hat Pizza Huts are located at 1277 Trans Canada Hwy and #103 – 140 Maple Ave.
  • Brooks Pizza Hut is located #3 – 1131 2nd Street W.

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