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Devine Grill Revisited

On October 24th, Taylor and I revisited Devine Grill, but this time we dined in the restaurant, as opposed to our last visit where we dined on the patio.

Both Taylor and I were immediately impressed with the decor inside the restaurant which created an elegant atmosphere. What is more, there was an assortment of appealing art on the walls that we later found out to be all local, which were separated into three galleries around the restaurant. As it turned out, one of the sets of art on the walls turned out to be from Donna Macauley.

Almost immediately after sitting down, our waitress arrived to request our drink orders. She returned many times during our meal to ensure everything was going smoothy and to refill our drinks. Our meals were prepared in a timely fashion despite the large crowd of people dining in the restaurant, and like last time, the experience was exceptional and memorable.

After our meal was over, our chef, Todd, came out to talk to us briefly, as we kind of knew each other through Medicine Hat Media’s previous post on Devine Grill. It is wonderful to see the owners and chefs come out to talk to their guests.

The local art on display were from the following artists/establishments:

Check out Devine Grill for an awesome, fresh and local restaurant.

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