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Joshua Key

Joshua Key will be speaking at the Unisphere meeting room at Westminster Church at 7 p.m. on October 2.  He is hoping to raise awareness and support for US soldiers that are seeking refuge in Canada.

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Joshua Key joined the US Army in 2002 and served in Iraq for one tour. He never expected to see battle (he claims his recruiter said he never would) and he suffered post-traumatic stress when he returned. He could not go back in good conscience and faced going to prison unless he did. After being on the lam he eventually deserted to Canada in 2005 where he remains awaiting a federal court ruling on his immigration status.

His book, The Deserter’s Tale, is an indictment on the US effort in Iraq. It’s a fairly disturbing read as he recounts what he witnessed in Iraq in a very matter-of-fact manner. I was able to read most of it and it’s worth checking out if you find the subject matter interesting. There is currently a copy available at the library (it’s actually at the Brook’s library but you can have it brought to Medicine Hat if you request it).  If you can’t make it you can check out the link below to hear him speak.

Josh speaking in Winnipeg
Book on Amazon
Interview clip on YouTube

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