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United Conservatory of Music

The United Conservatory of Music is the first musical destination for many, if not all, musicians in Medicine Hat and surrounding area. The Conservatory, or “UCOM”, as it is commonly called, started up in 1972 with only 25 students in its mix and 37 years later with hundreds of students, it is going stronger than ever.

The comfortable atmosphere is accentuated by the knowledgeable and friendly staff who generally greet you within minutes of entering the doorway. It is not uncommon to open the door and immediately hear guitar riffs filling the air.

The walls are lined with a wide array of products and brands, including Gibson, Ibanez, Tama, Sabian, Zildjian, and much more. The prices are usually the best you can find in town for brand name products.

I am no stranger to the drum section of the Conservatory, going there most often for new drum skins, sticks and the occasional piece of hardware. I am sure my face is not an uncommon one to see there after years of occasional visits.

The United Conservatory of Music is located in downtown Medicine Hat at #560 – 4th Street SE.

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  1. August 31st, 2009 at 3:08 PM

    Taylor says:

    Trey and I have both taken lessons there over the years. First my brother and I played piano and more recently Trey had the pleasure of being taught by local celebrity Tim Herman when he played guitar. Although neither of us liked playing piano, there isn’t a doubt that our musical education was excellent and we learned a great deal from people that obviously were very experienced and talented musicians in their own right.

  2. September 2nd, 2009 at 10:41 AM

    Dusty says:

    I had taken piano lessons when I was quite younger, I’d doubt the instructor is still there but I still remember 15 years later what I’ve learned.

    They got a great selection of instruments as well.

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