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Tai Chi Association Website Launch

The Medicine Hat Tai Chi Association has launched their new website, and in celebration, they are offering a free demo of Tai Chi at the Cultural Centre on Monday, September 14 at 7:00 PM. Otherwise, the fall semester for the program runs between September 21 and December 7.

The Tai Chi Association brochure can be downloaded here.

Marty Knutson wrote in with the following story:

Medicine Hat Tai Chi Association

Medicine Hat Tai Chi Association

What is Tai Chi?
It is an ancient Chinese martial art that incorporates mind, body and spirit. The controlled, continuous movements are designed to impart powerful physical skills and to improve the flow of energy throughout the body. The many health benefits of Tai Chi have been documented for centuries, and include stress relief, sharpened mental abilities, and improved strength, flexibility and balance. Some forms of Tai Chi are all slow, even movements – making these forms accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels. Other forms include powerful, explosive movements, testing the stamina and strength of even people with high athletic levels.

Will I be kicked and thrown around, like in some other martial arts?
No. Tai Chi was originally developed as a powerful fighting form. Although those elements remain in Tai Chi, it has evolved into a practice which emphasizes strength, balance, flexibility and health. The postures are performed with precision and control, in a specific sequence. Even the more aggressive punches and kicks are not directed at another individual.

Where are the classes, and how much does it cost?
In the Medicine Hat Cultural Centre. 12 weeks of instruction is $95.00. Beginners classes are typically Monday evenings at 7:00.

If I come to a demo, is there pressure to sign up?
No. We are happy to introduce people to Tai Chi, and joining is completely up to you – no pressure, just smiles.

I am out of shape and/or physically uncoordinated. Will I be able to do Tai Chi?
Students are not pushed beyond their abilities or comfort level. If you are unaccustomed to exercise, Tai Chi is a very healthy, safe way to start. Our learning environment is focused, respectful, and welcoming.

What can you tell me about your group?
We are a non-profit group started by Charles Leong in 1992, to bring the enjoyment and health benefits of Tai Chi to people in the Medicine Hat area. Since then, hundreds of students have studied with him and added Tai Chi to their healthy lifestyles. All of our instructors, including Charles, are volunteers.

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