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Dunmore Road Construction – Again!

It seems that the road on Dunmore hill is under construction yet again; as if we did not get enough of the nuisance last year. It took the city workers almost all summer last year to finish the road, and now I ask: Why is it under construction again? The road was smooth, except for a couple manhole covers, but that is to be expected, and easily avoid by a very slight turn of the wheel.

I am all for upgrading roads, but not when they do not require it, and not when it reduces traffic to a one-lane nightmare, although, I do admit watching people in my rearview mirror waving their hands around in detest is hilarious, as if every second they are held back from where they need to go is worth more to them than the air in their lungs.

I wish that the roads in Saskatchewan were half as good as they are here.

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