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SNFU Back for More

Mr. Chi Pig - Photography from (Jess Watt)

Mr. Chi Pig - Photography from (Jess Watt)

Just got a Facebook message alerting me that SNFU, the popular Canadian skate punk band is returning to play in Medicine Hat. They were last in the city nearly a year ago, a little bit after we first started this site, although we didn’t write about it at the time even though Sean and I both went. They played in the now late Doghouse, which burnt down shortly after they played there.

This time they will be playing at The Ottoman Lounge which means you we get to see first hand the weird and twisted, gross-out humour displayed by the band’s lead singer, Ken Chinn (Mr. Chi Pig) up close and personal. They have a weird assortment of stage props and masks that Mr. Chi Pig just loves to sing with.

I also shouldn’t state that they are a “skate punk” band because they do tend to delve into more hardcore or melodic punk as well. SNFU, as a band have recently (2007) reassembled after several previous break-ups and have been touring and playing quite steadily since, even though they haven’t released a new CD since 2004. However, according to some articles, they are gearing up to begin recording their new album this year.

Location: The Ottoman Lounge
Where: 502 South Railway St. SE.
Tickets: $15 (available now)
When: Saturday, June 20th
Start Time: Show will start around 10PM

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  1. June 12th, 2009 at 12:17 PM

    Sean says:

    Von, remember that time we went to SNFU and the guy from Rex Stiff grabbed us by the shirts to throw us into the non-existent pit? That was a good Ninja Turtles tshirt I had once…

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