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Site Changes: Nav Bar Edition

Just a quick note here: Along with some internal shuffling, we have also decided on a full top nav bar to house all of our internal and external links. Hopefully this solution will remove some of the clutter from our previous system and help to remove some of the user confusion, as everything you need to click on is now at the top instead of scattered on the side.

I might not be completely satisfied with the design of it, so it may change in the future depending on feedback. *Update* As of July 6th, I took the comments and feedback about it and changed it accordingly.

On a side note, this will free up some room for our “Partner” spot which has also recently been added to accomodate all of our partners. If you wish to be a sponsor or partner, please email us with a 90×90 graphic for your site and make sure to add us to your site. You will also now find Medicine Hat Media graphics on the bottom of the right sidebar as well as a press-kit PDF including a vector version of our logo.

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