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Re-Design Tyme

Re-Design Tyme has launched their new website, which had its makeover from their older website that was designed by the late Mynista Studios. The redesigned site, which was designed and developed at Memory Lane Computers by myself, now features a more floral and vibrant design.

Re-Design Tyme Header

Re-Design Tyme Header

Local interior designer Leah Ebelher is the brains behind Re-Design Tyme. Ever wonder about redesigning your house? She definitely has the answers for you and can undoubtedly offer you many ideas to suit your desire. If you are skeptical, Re-Design Tyme has the mission to make their clients completely thrilled and they offer a guarantee that allows you to live in the redesigned space for up to 14 days. If you are not thrilled at the end of that time, they will return and keep working away until you are satisfied with no extra charge.

Even if you are not interested in a redesign yourself, but know someone who might be, Re-Design Tyme offers gift certificates.

Re-Design Tyme website is no longer online.

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