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Premium Sausage

Premium Sausage is a meat store that is located in Seven Persons, Alberta, and was started by Ralph and Elaine Erb in 1990, who began selling their homemade sausage at the request of their friends. Ever since, business has boomed and the store now offers a great selection of meat products and operates somewhat as a general store, offering many canned goods, as well as some baking.

The store can be easily identified just off the highway in Seven Persons by the architecture of the building, which is in the likeness of a grain elevator. Upon entering, the aroma of fresh meats fills your lungs – a smell most people relish; however, I am sure I would, as most people would, get sick of the smell if they were surrounded by it for too long. Regardless, their meat selection is huge, fresh, and affordable. What is more, Medicine Hat residents can have their orders delivered free of charge if they exceed $50 in cost.

Despite being about 20 minutes south of Medicine Hat and about the same distance from Bow Island, the store seems to enjoy a great amount of business.

Premium Sausage can be located off Highway #3 in Seven Persons, Alberta.
Store Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:30AM – 6:00PM, Saturday: 8:30AM to 5:30AM, Sunday: Closed.

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