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Family Leisure Centre

The Family Leisure Centre located in Crescent Heights of Medicine Hat and is a popular destination in Medicine Hat for swimming, skating and and hockey, weight room, and also sports outdoor sporting fields.

Family Leisure Centre Website Banner

Family Leisure Centre Website Banner

The swimming area includes a children’s pool, a fair sized wave pool, three larger pools used for swimming lessons and aerobics, lane swimming, and a deeper pool for diving boards, the water slide, and swinging from a rope, as well as a hot tub and and steam room. Sadly, there is not a sauna.

The skating rink often has hockey and skating events going on, but is also open to the public at certain times for public skating.

The weight room, while not overly large, contains most of the basic weight lighting and cardio machinery, such as treadmills, bench presses and other weights, pretty much everything you would need to have a good work out, though they are missing the obligatory Tony Little Gazelle.

Purchasing an admission pass to the swimming pool also couples with the weight room, so take advantage of it if you can.

There is also a fairly concession stand that offers many things like drinks and snack foods.

Birthday parties are commonplace at the Leisure Center, and often their recreational room has many banners and balloons strung up along the walls. More information regarding having a birthday party can be found on their website:

Whether you are looking to swim, skate, work out and are younger or older, the Leisure Centre is the place to go.

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