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This is the first post I’ve done of this kind on Medicine Hat Media. Small tweaks and changes over the sites short history were always just done and never commented about. The changes done in this case are more important – or important enough to do a post about.


New Logo

New Logo

Somebody recently asked us for our logo which made us come under the realization that our “logo” was more of just a site header rather than a traditional logo-type that could be used in multiple applications. Which really was bad considering I never do that for any of my projects and I did graduate from the Visual Communication program after all. I was also never satisfied with what I created in the first place – it was just too busy and meaningless for the sites function.

Although I’m traditionally opposed to using the “tipi” imagery since it’s so cliche; I think it speaks more about our site than anything else ever could. I also wanted to add things like “art” and “music” symbolism into the logo but was too busy and maybe was too specific anyways since this site ranges topics a lot more now than it did in the past. So more than anything, this site is about commenting about Medicine Hat – the reference that the speech bubble with the tipi conveys.

Old Site Header

Old Site Header

User/Guest Posting

Registered users now have the ability to post their own topics. They will be allowed to upload images, embed YouTube videos, etc. All you have to do is create and account, login in, and then press “Write” once you are in the back-end. Your post will put in our queue so that we can accept or decline the post. You may contact us at any time if you need help posting. Alternatively you may still email us to write about a topic for you (it just might take longer).

Event Calendar

Unfortunately, for the people that used our event calendar, it has been removed due to inactivity and lack of time available needed to update it on a constant basis. Fortunately for you, several new links have been posted that have hundreds of events a month (combined) – more than we ever could keep up with. You can find these links on the right hand side. If anybody has any other major event calendars for Medicine Hat, please post it so we may add it to our list. I think this is a really good change personally since we can now focus more on making full articles about events.

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    Dusty says:

    Great Job!

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