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Kirby in Medicine Hat for Two Shows

Kirby, also known as John Kirby, is a talented Canadian folk artist and will be playing at The Ottoman Lounge, March 19th, and again on April 17th. Kirby has toured Canada solo three times in 2008 in support of his second release “The Good Fight EP”. Now, on this tour, he has 32 separate dates all across Canada.

The Good Fight EP Cover

The Good Fight EP Cover

Listening through some of his online stuff and even downloading his full set of releases; yes that’s right, you can legally grab all of his music (including demos and other stuff) in good ol’ MP3 form right off of his website here – he seems to be a very talented folk artist in the traditional acoustic singer-songwriter fashion, reminding me of John Mayer in my limited scope. Lots of his music seems depressing or more introspective on a basic level, but as one commenter put it, Craig Webster, on his blog,

“On the surface, you might think songs like “Defeat” and “Lost Loved Ones” are songs of sorrow and despair, but you’d be wrong. Instead, they are songs about overcoming your obstacles, and they show the listener that no matter how bleak life and its situations might look, there is an optimistic way to look at it.”

I think I would tend to agree with him, especially when viewing his first video single “The Good Fight” (shown below).

Videos and links after the jump!

Kirby’s Blog
Kirby @ MySpace

The Ottoman Lounge
502 South Railway Street SE

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    Kirby says:

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