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Russia Attacks, Thwomp, Mordichia, Ghostkeeper

There’s a Young and Pretty Folk Music Association show going on tonight at CAPE School which means it’s one of those rare all-ages show. Thomas DiNinno, creator of the Young and Pretty Folk Music Association, states that they are talking a break from doing bar shows to do some all-ages shows.

Thwomp - Photo via MySpace

Thwomp - Photo via MySpace

There’s a mixed bag tonight featuring Russia Attacks, an all-girl band from Medicine Hat that sing about Russian history. There’s Thwomp, a Calgary-based Nintendo cover band who cover songs from classics such as Chrono Trigger, F-Zero, Final Fantasy and more. Mordichia is Jonathan Micheal Walker from Medicine Hat who plays music that can be described as techno-indie experimental kinda stuff. Lastly is Ghostkeeper is some genuinely good indie-rock from Calgary.

CAPE School
830A Balmoral Street SE, T1A 0W9

Also keep in mind there is also a Gob show tonight happening in Redcliff (it’s kinda pricey though). Doors open at 8PM and admission is $5, and like I stated before, it’s an all-ages show so bring your babies – I’m talking about newborns and the like – bring em’ all.

Russia Attacks @ MySpace
Thwomp @ MySpace
Ghostkeeper @ MySpace

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4 Responses to “Russia Attacks, Thwomp, Mordichia, Ghostkeeper”

  1. February 11th, 2009 at 4:08 PM

    Liz Aucoin says:

    Has anyone listened to Russia attacks? They are not musicians as far as I am concered. Heard them at battle of the bands last year, which is a popularity contest and winners do not even have to be musicians. If you were to listen to the lyrics of some of their songs, they are NOT about russian history, they are silly made up childish sounding lyrics that do not make sense, but they keep repeating “Russia Attacks” it was the most rediculous thing I ever heard. I would not pay a penny to hear it again. That is for sure. Folk artists! HAHAHAHA

  2. February 19th, 2009 at 9:38 AM

    Sean says:

    A lot of bands that have gotten big and have a huge fan base now started out not knowing how to play their instruments or make ‘good music’ really, it is kind of hard I imagine when it is a total DIY thing (do it yourself). Most notably that comes to my mind is the band NOFX. They started out and sucked at playing their instruments, but they did it anyway, and now 25 years later, they perform at entirely sold out shows, were the basis for starting the record label Fat Wreck Chords, only tour when they want to, do work tours and play in obscure places that no US/Canadian bands play (Peru, Singapore, Mainland China, South Africa, and Russia, believe it or not). And don’t have any of their videos played on MTV, Don’t allow any of their songs played on the mainstream radios, etc.

  3. February 19th, 2009 at 5:29 PM

    Vaughn says:

    I’ll call BS on that – I’ve seen plenty of NOFX (and less known punk bands for that matter) on MTV (especially MTVCanada) and even more so on MuchMusic – I think they even ran a special “NOFX Spotlight” at one point on MuchMusic.

    If you want to use that argument though, you could probably go even further and say they aren’t trying to make “good music” or even “music” at all. Some bands are happy making noise or even little bits of sound as “music” or “non-music” (ala minimalism).

  4. February 26th, 2009 at 9:45 AM

    Sean says:

    NOFX fight!

    I know they have been on MTV or Much, but supposedly it was always without their permission to use videos. I’ve seen them go so far as to even put on their CD art for record companies to stop calling them trying to get them to sign over to a non-indie label.

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