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Billy Joel Tonight (Not Really)

If there was any indication that Billy Joel was playing in Medicine Hat it would be the all the posters and even some mobile billboards posted around Medicine Hat saying, “BILLY JOEL” in huge letters. You would be wrong on two accounts though. For one, he is actually playing in Redcliff, at Harmony Hall, and two, he’s not Billy Joel, he’s a Billy Joel tribute artist named Don Wolf. I guess it’s kind of clever, but ultimately deceptive advertising, and I’m sure it says “as Don Wolf, tribute show” somewhere on the billboard and posters – but when you’re driving past them it would be hard to notice, especially since the words “BILLY JOEL” take up 50% of the board. Anyways, end of that rant.

Don Wolf Promotional Collage via

Don Wolf Promotional Collage via

Harmony Hall seems to be a new and upcoming venue, which I first heard about when Gob played there. Don Wolf will be playing a 90 minute set playing all of Billy Joel’s greatest hits including Piano Man, Uptown Girl, and River of Dreams. Admission costs $49 and includes a full buffet dinner and the show. Doors open at 6PM and the dinner & show starts at 7PM. For more information, call 403-979-1572. Harmony Hall is at 1 – 1st Street SE, Redcliff.

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