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*Update February 12th, 2009*

Unfortunately, due to low response this has been canceled (for now at least).

Pen & Ink is a new comic and art publication based out of Medicine Hat, run by Kelly Bryksa of KB Graphics Inc. It will be printed six times a year and will feature local artists’ work in the forms of comic strips/art, sketches, or fine art. I think this will be a great thing for all our local artists to either get known or get some of their work published. The deadline for the first issue is quickly approaching, which is Friday, February 6th. The first issue will be released on February 27th. If you just found out about it now, you can maybe work on making the next deadline which is to be announced.

Pen & Ink Logo

Pen & Ink Logo

There’s a couple stipulations for submissions. Currently there’s three rules posted on the official web page: no nudity, no explicit language and the best rule of them all, no use of Comic Sans. I use to write and draw a lot of comic strips as a kid, and I even used to sell them at the school. I swear I made like 20 bucks selling them at 10 cents a piece. Anyways, that’s a little besides the point, but It makes me want to get into it again, at least the writing portion, not so much the drawing. Which is another good thing about the publication, it offers strict writers the chance to get paired up with artists that do not wish to write, or simply aren’t good enough at it (like I’m not good enough at drawing for example).

Also, to those of you “not in the know”, Kelly Bryksa is a 2001 graduate of the Medicine Hat College Visual Communications program. You can get in contact with him at or phone 403-527-3355.

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