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Gob! Playing in Redcliff?

Gob will be stopping by Redcliff’s Harmony Hall on February 7th. Notice the question mark in the title. Redcliff? I have no idea why, but this can probably be attributed to the late Doghouse burning down and all. But still? Anyways, back to Gob…

Gob Band Shot - Photography via their MySpace

Gob - Photography via their MySpace

Canadian punk rock band, Gob is recently touring promoting their first new album in four years, “Muertos Vivos”. If you don’t know who Gob is, you probably do, you just forgot about them. They did the popular “I Hear You Calling” which has been featured on like… everything. They can also be tagged as some of the bands that sparked the “pop-punk” movement in the early 2000’s. Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Treble Charger… ring any bells? They were all the rage in high-school with awesome pop-punky songs like “Soda” (this is also before they got big, and controversially “less punk”). Hey, I even got their autographs on a sticker when I was 15. To this day it’s still proudly stuck to… actually I have no idea where it is.

Anyways, admission will cost $25 dollars in advance and tickets can be purchased at Dayz Off Pub (640 Kingsway Avenue S.E.), Revolution Tattoo Company (110-3215 Dunmore Road, S.E.), and Who’s on Third (222 Broadway Ave. E. in Redcliff). A little pricey, no? Video and links after the jump:

Gob @ MySpace
Gob @ Wikipedia

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