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Steinke Charged with First Degree Murder

The trial for Jeremy Steinke has lasted almost a full 3 weeks, two of which were spent looking at forensic data. The result in the end, after many witnesses and testimonies, the jury has made its deliberation that Jeremy Steinke is guilty on three counts of murder in the first degree.

During the court proceedings, Steinke took the position that he was indeed guilty for the murder of Marc and Debra Richardson, but that the murder of their son, Jacob Richardson, was committed by his co-accused girlfriend. The event was stated that Steinke snuck into the Richardson’s basement to meet his girlfriend there, but instead, Debra Richardson came downstairs. Panicking, Steinke stabbed the woman and soon after, Marc Richardson flew down the stairs with a screwdriver in hand to defend himself and his wife, but was soon stabbed as well.

Steinke claims he did not intend for the murders to happen, despite discussing it with his co-accused girlfriend prior, and that it was all an unfortunate accident. Afterwards, he stated that he was lead upstairs to Jacob Richardson’s room where his girlfriend stabbed the youngster, and while she initially stated that Steinke slashed the boys throat, Steinke during his trial stated that his girlfriend had dealt the death blow.

The trial involved many friends and associates of Steinke and J. Richardson, whom explained their perceptions on how the two lived, their actions before the night of the murders and afterwards, Steinke’s physical abuse as a child and his Mother’s alcoholism, and more.

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