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David Hoffos – Disaster & Desire

The Esplanade is hosting two David Hoffos installations entitled “Catastrophe” and “Another City”. David Hoffos is a prolific Lethbridge-based artist or “video/installation artist” if you prefer. The official name of the show is called “Disaster & Desire” and also features “Bedroom Window” which was created by Art 30 class students from McCoy High School. David Hoffos had an artist residency at the school  from October 1th4 to October 24th and worked with the students to demonstrate all the techniques, ideas, and everything that goes into making a full environment art piece.

David Hoffos - Disaster & Desire

David Hoffos - Disaster & Desire at the Esplanade

The reception took place on October 24th, 7 PM and featured a live performance of “womandflutter” by Decidedly Jazz Danceworks from Calgary. Unfortunately this was a one-time showing and if you weren’t there, you will not get to see it – well at least not at the Esplanade. It was composed by Amon Tobin, choreographed by Kimberly Copper and featured some projected elements by David Hoffos. Overall the performance was very hypnotic at times and the movements of the dancers and projections of the dancers fit very well with the chaotic jungle-esque experimental beat music in the background. There was even a bonus track at the end.

David Hoffos, Another City, installation detail

David Hoffos, Another City, installation detail - Photography via the Esplanade website

The installations are up from October 15th to November 30th, 2008; however “Bedroom Window” has only been set up since October 24th. More on David Hoffos after the jump.

If you want to see more about what David Hoffos is about, watch his video showcasing many of his installations in this YouTube video, posted by David Hoffos himself.

As you can see he works a lot with miniatures and projections. Get down their to check out his work as well as “The History of the High Heel” exhibition if you haven’t already seen it. You can also check out the official Esplanade page on the David Hoffos exhibition.

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